Names should be carefully thought because they have meanings as well. You would not like it when you give a name to your baby girl and later find out that its meaning is somewhat negative, right? However, Irish names are becoming a trend these days due to their exotic and unusual sounds. Considering this, here are 100 most popular Irish girl names to check out.

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100 Most Popular Irish Girl Names

Popular Irish Girl Names

Naming your baby girl is a once in a lifetime experience and most parents would want the names to be unique and pretty enough to last forever. However, naming the baby can be an overwhelming job as there are a thousand names out there. To ease your work, here are some beautiful and meaningful Irish girl names to name your bundle of joy.

Pick any one of these popular Irish girl names that suits your little girl:



Meaning or origin
3Aileen, AileneNoble
4Ailis, Ailish, Eilis, EilishGod is my oath
5AineSplendor, radiance, brilliance
6Alannah, Alanna, AlanaChild; bringer of warmth
7AoifeBeautiful, radiant, joyful
8BrannaRaven; beauty with hair as dark as raven
9Briana, BriannaNoble, virtuous; Feminine of Brian
10Brigid, BridgetPower, vigour, virtue
11Caireann, Cairenn, CiaranLittle friend or little beloved
12Caitlin, CathleenCame from St. Catherine and became popular in 1899
13Cara, Caragh, CaeraFriend
15CiaraDark; Dark hair and brown eyes
16Claire, ClareClear, bright, famous
17Cliona, CleonaShapely
18Colleen, ColeenGirl
19DaireannFruitful, Bountiful
10DarcyDark, dark-haired; Descendant of the dark one
11DeirdreDeirdre is considered the most beautiful woman in ancient Ireland
12EininLittle bird
13EndaFreedom of spirit
14FionaFair, white, beautiful
15Ide, IdaThirst for goodness or knowledge
17Keela or KylaA beauty that only poetry can capture
18KerryDark; dark hair and brown eyes
19KynaLove, affection, esteem
20MaebhThe cause of great joy; she who intoxicates
21MaireEnglish name for Mary, in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mother
23MonaLittle noble one
24Muireann, MuirennSea white, sea fair
25Neala, NeilaFemale champion
26Nessa, NeasaA beautiful and powerful woman who was married to a king in legends
27NiamhRadiance, luster, brightness
28Nola, NoleenFair shouldered
29Nora, Norah, NoreenLittle honorable one
31RoisinLittle Rose
32RyanneLittle King; female version of Ryan
33ShaunaFeminine version of Sean
34SineadGod is gracious
35SiobhanGod is gracious
36Yseult, Isolt, IseultThis refers to the Irish woman engaged to King Mark of Cornwall but fell in love with the King’s nephew
37AnnaWealth provider
38MeganDescendant of the brave warrior
41KylieGathering or slender
42RileyRye field
43ErinA poetic name in Ireland
44MollyStar of the Sea
45AshlynDream or vision
46ReaganSovereign or King
47MckennaArdent love or fire sprung
49ShannonLittle wise one
52TaraEminence or distinction
53AlainaAttractive and peaceful
54AshleenAsh tree pool
56Blaine, BlayneThin
59CarleenFull-grown woman
60Corey, Corie, CoryFrom the hollow
61Dallas, DallisWise
62DillanLoyal, faithful
63Dimna, DimpnaConvenient
65Eavan, EvanFair
67BedeliaPowerful, strong
70RachelOriginated from Hebrew which means ewe
71LaurenFemale version of Laurence
72LauraFrom Latin, female version of Laurel
73NicoleFemale version of Nicholas
75CaoimheGentle, graceful, beauty
76GraceGrain Goddess
77Jennifer, GuinevereWhite wave
78OrlaGolden lady
79Oilbhe, AilbheA form of Olive from a Latin origin
80LucyFemale version of Lucius
81LabhoiseFeminine name for Louise
82LisaVariant of the name Elizabeth
83DanielleFemale form of Daniel
84RuthName originated from the Bible
85Alison, AllsunFrom the name Alice
86EimhearShe is the wife of a Gaelic hero from the legends
87AndreaFemale of Andrew
88Sorcha, Sive, SaraidPrincess
89StephanieFemale form of Stephen
90AbaigealFather rejoiced
91Victoria, VicteoiriaVictory
92GemmaCame from the name of St. Gemma Galgani
94Ailis, AliceNoble sort
95Isobel, IsobealForms of the name Elizabeth
96LornaCame from Lorna Doone, an 1860 novel
99JacobaFollowing after
100Jacqueline, JackieOne who supplants


How To Name Your Baby Girl?

These are the top 100 popular Irish girl names along with its origin or meanings. However, if you are not yet sure on how to name your baby girl, here are some special tips to make a note of:

  • Look for names that are unique but not hard to spell or say. Remember that your baby will need to learn how to write her name when she grows up, and there are legal documents to sign too, that a misspelt name can pose many problems in the future.
  • Choose a name that is significant to you and your partner so that you will always be reminded that your baby is a treasure you both have to take care of.
  • Select a name that is timeless. There are names which tend to slip as time passes by and your baby grows old. Naming your baby Bunny when she’s still a baby maybe a cute choice at her current age, but will it still be the same when she applies for a professional job and be called Bunny by her bosses and co-workers?

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