Just like salt, the presence of potassium might not be evident, but its absence spoils the full functioning of the body, just like the lack of salt spoils the taste of food. Even though potassium is required in minuscule quantity, it is highly essential for the smooth functioning of our body parts.

In this article, we explore to you some of the potassium rich foods that you must consider strongly to get the maximum benefits of potassium. Nutritionists say that on an average an adult must consume up to 4700 mg of potassium on a daily basis and no, we are not talking about the artificial supplement that you throw in to get potassium supply, they are extremely dangerous unless a doctor has suggested so.

Before we reveal to you the best sources of potassium, let us understand what potassium does to our body. Potassium is a mineral which the body requires in subtle quantity, but it is highly relevant. Studies on potassium benefits suggest that regular intake of potassium reduces the risk of stroke by over 21 percent.

Apart from stroke, other heart diseases can also be controlled by sufficient potassium. Right intake of potassium is also important for maintaining the blood pressure. Although table salt does contain sodium and potassium in equal proportion, American diet tends to include more sodium than potassium which can be precarious to your overall health.

By reducing the chances of wall thickening and by protecting the oxidation damage caused by the blood capillaries due to free radicals, potassium also protects the heart from any long-term heart-related diseases. Also, lack of potassium leads to dizziness, fatigue, irritability and hypertension.

10 Best Potassium Rich Foods To Eat

So here we go, here are some of the high potassium foods. The best part about potassium is that you can never have more of it, the natural source of potassium is always stored in the body, and the excess is thrown out.These foods have the right content of potassium, and they are worth the shot:

1. Bananas

Potassium Rich Foods

Along with many other benefits to the body, bananas are also a secondary and trustworthy source of potassium. Each 100 grams of bananas contains a massive boost of 358 mg of potassium. It also has fewer calories and so you can eat in dozens of bananas even while dieting.

2. White button Mushrooms

Potassium Rich Foods

These are my personal favorite in the fungi category. Mushrooms are delicious to cook and even healthier, more so when you get to know that just 100 grams of mushrooms provide 396 mg of this rare Even other types of mushrooms like Portabella, Brown, Shiitake or Crimini have a lot of potassium in them.

3. Leafy vegetables

Potassium Rich Foods

All kinds of green vegetables are a rich source of potassium, but the leading contender is spinach. Popeye’s favorite and natural power bar contains 558 mg of potassium for every 100 grams of spinach. The other leafy vegetables that follow are Swiss Cards with 27 percent, Kale with 8 percent and Collards with 6 percent potassium in every bundle of these green leafy vegetables.

4. Beans

Potassium Rich Foods

All kinds of beans, especially the white beans are an excellent source of potassium. For every 100 grams of white beans that you eat, you are enriched with 561 mg of potassium.The other beans that are rich in potassium are Soy, Kidney beans, Pinto beans and Lima.You can have them cooked or baked.

5. Potatoes

Potassium Rich Foods

Potatoes are a good source of potassium but if you are on diet or undergoing treatment for diabetes then potatoes are not for you. Sweet potatoes are also an excellent source of potassium. If you ever think of consuming potatoes for potassium then bake them before cooking, do not fry them in oil, you might kill the nutritious potassium source in it, plus it will add on some weight.

6. Fish

Potassium Rich Foods

Fishes are an excellent source of potassium.For every 3 ounces of Tuna serving around 500 mg of potassium is made available. Apart from tuna even cod and farm-raised rainbow trout to have a lot of potassium in them. However, do not satisfy yourself with fish supplements and go for real fish because natural sources of potassium are always the best considering that they have no side effects.

7. Beet greens

Potassium Rich Foods

Beets are good for the blood but do you know that the beet greens that you probably have been throwing off till the day was an actual loss of an enormous amount of Only half a cup of beet greens serves 664 mg of potassium which is more than you would actually need. As a bonus to potassium, beet greens also give you a lot of folic acids which is stored within, even after you cook them, but rawly is even better.

8. Avocados

Potassium Rich Foods

With only 100 grams of this wonder fruit, you can gain 485 mg of potassium. It has lesser calories, and so you can consume enough avocados without the worry of gaining weight.You can even have pureed avocados as about 115 grams of purred avocado gives you 558 mg of potassium.

9. Yogurt

Potassium Rich Foods

Fat-free yogurt is also a good source of potassium, but the plain natural yogurt has more potassium than the processed yogurt. Eight ounces of plain yogurt contains 579 mg of potassium whereas this quantity is low in the fat less and whole milk cultured curd.

Instead of having plain yogurt, you can include it in your diet with salads or even on sandwiches, instead of mayo. Along with potassium, yogurt also gives you natural probiotics and the good bacteria that will ease your digestion process, eventually keeping your gut healthy.

10. Tomatoes

Potassium Rich Foods

Tomatoes is any form, whether juice, puree or paste serve a real boost of potassium. Just a quarter cup of tomatoes serves up to 664 mg of this vital mineral. Eating raw tomatoes gives you more potassium than the processed ones. If you want to trick your kids into eating tomatoes for their potassium boost, then add these little red Santas into your everyday vegetables or even in your spaghetti.

Note down these potassium-rich foods and include them in your diet regularly. You will definitely note changes in your energy level and get a hike in your work performance, potassium is the natural energy booster.

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