In this article, you will learn how to retrieve deleted text messages on Android and iOS. The best apps to recover deleted text messages on iPhone and Android are listed here. After reading this article, you can recover deleted messages from Samsung, One Plus, Vivo, Apple, mi,  Motorola and Lenovo phones.

It is very common for us to delete some data by mistake. This could be some images, messages or notes. No matter what kind of data we lose, there are always ways to retrieve lost data. In this article, we have listed some methods that you can use to recover deleted messages from Android and iOS phone devices.

Here is a common method to retrieve deleted text messages:

Through Your Phone Provider

Retrieve Deleted Messages

Technically, this will be your first move. You must exhaust all your means before proceeding to a more technical or a harder level. At this easy state, your phone provider is your first source of recovery. It is not guaranteed 100 percent that you can retrieve deleted messages this way. There are only some of the providers that keep a record of your messages, most especially if you are entitled to have access. There are some that will just require you to log into your online account, and some may ask you to gain help from customer care services.

    • Go to the website of your phone service provider.
    • Navigate to the customer service page.
    • Write a mail to the customer care representative explaining in detail why you want to retrieve deleted messages from your phone.
    • Alternatively, you can also contact them over the phone and explain your situation.
    • Be prepared with some sort of ID proof and any other passwords or codes they may require to ensure there is no identity theft.

How Do You Retrieve Deleted Text Messages from your iPhone?

For iPhone users, you have to remember that when you delete your messages, it really will disappear. But that’s not the end of the world. Our masterminds have found ways to get deleted messages back.


From Your iTunes Backup

iTunes Backup

If you have turned on the automatic backup or not, it is still best to give your iTunes a shot.

Below are the steps to get you started:

  • First, you have to connect your handset to your computer in which you sync devices with.
  • Automatically, iTunes window should flash on your monitor. If not, you have to open it manually.
  • Second, you should have your iPhone at the uppermost right corner in a box. Select that one.
  • Click on ‘Restore ‘ Your previous backup will replace your phone data. A few minutes will be required for its completion. Your messages will appear as long as you have not backed them up following their deletion. They should appear now on your phone’s normal messages list.


From iCloud Backup

Retrieve Deleted Messages

iCloud backup is offered to all iPhone/iOS users however not all of them use it. But if you backup to iCloud regularly, then this is your best bet. Try the steps listed below and if you have backed up to the Cloud, you will be successful.

  • First, log in using your Apple ID and your password to this icloud link.
  • You then must click ‘Text Messages’. If you do not see these words, then it is an indication that your messages have not been backed up.
  • If you see it, then look for those messages that you need.
  • Select iPhone and go to Settings while going to iCloud on your iPhone.
  • You should turn off your Text Messages.
  • A pop-up will appear. Click on ‘Keep On My iPhone.’
  • Go back to text messages
  • Tap on ‘Merge’. Have the patience to wait. After some time, your deleted text messages should be retrieved to your iPhone.


Using A Third-Party Application

Retrieve Deleted Messages

There are many apps that will help you recover deleted messages and data from iPhones.

Some of the apps that you can use to recover deleted messages are:

Note: Remember that the longer you take to retrieve your deleted messages, the more content you will lose. As existing content will constantly be overwritten.

How To Retrieve Deleted Text Messages On Your Android Phone?

There are a lot of software and applications that you can use to retrieve deleted data from your Android phones. The common consensus is that it is easier to recover lost data from android phones than it is on iPhones. And this is true. If you are using android 2.3 or above, most of these apps will work for you. Even otherwise, there is no harm in trying to recover lost data back using these apps.

Avoid overwriting of data
It is advisable for you to turn internet services off immediately. You may ask why. Well, the reason is, your phone is always storing your data and without the proper measures, your old content will be overwritten. And if that happens, your data cannot be recovered. So as soon as you decide that you need to recover data, turn off your internet services. And do not use your phone for ANYTHING.  This will ensure maximum retention and therefore recovery of lost data. 

Recovery of Messages through Android Data Recovery

A. Download the mobile application on Google Play for free and connect your device to your personal computer

Retrieve Deleted Messages

When connecting two devices, make sure that your handset is charged at least up to 30%. This will ensure that your phone does not get switched off while data is getting recovered.

Note: The entire recovery process may take a lot of time. Please be patient. Do NOT interrupt data recovery at any cost. You can track the progress of your data recovery on the app.
B. Go to Settings and Enable USB Debugging 

USB debugging

The process of recovering data will differ slightly based on the version of Android that you have. Nevertheless, the process is very easy. Just follow the steps that we have listed.

  • Android 4.2 or higher:  Go to Settings, click on About Phone and proceed to Build Number.  Tap it seven times to get the signal ‘You are now a developer!’ After that, go to Settings and choose Developer Options and turn on USB Debugging.
  • Android 3.0 to Android 4.1: Go to the Settings Menu and navigate to Developer Options. Under that find USB Debugging and enable it.
  • Android 2.3 or any earlier Android versions: Go to the Settings Menu and navigate to Applications. Inside Applications, choose Development and enable USB Debugging.
C. You must tick only those file types that you want to restore on your phone.

Retrieve Deleted Messages

All kinds of files from your phone will be listed on this window. Choose only files that you need to recover. Recovering all the files will take an insane amount of time. Depending on how long you have been using your phone, the size of data to be recovered may be very large or small. So choose the data that you want to recover very carefully.

D. Superuser Request must be allowed. Then, Start and start Scanning.

Superuser Request

The app may give a prompting that authority for the Android Data Recovery should be granted for the continuation of the Scan. Tap the Allow button on your phone. Depending on what device you have, the menu may say Grant or Authorize. Click on that to begin the recovery process.

E. View Details and restore selected files

Retrieve Deleted Messages

You can view all the recovered data and choose what data you want to transfer to your phone. Again, choose only data that you require as it will take a lot of time to restore the data to your device. And also, recovering so many files onto your phone may slow down your device.

Note: You can use these apps not only to recover lost or deleted messages but also to retrieve lost contacts, images, notes and any other data that you may have stored on your phone.

You must have realized after reading this article that retrieving deleted data from your phone is not that difficult and it can be done by anyone. Hope this article helped you.


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