The process of covering bare walls with materials one over the other like layers of skin is known as cladding. They are used to provide insulation and weather resistance, along with the improvement in the appearance of the building. They are of various types according to the materials used for cladding, which include wood, metal sandstone, stacked stone etc. 


In Australia, the cladding option varies in materials from natural stone, timber, concrete cement, metal, glass and many more. However, the recent trend in Australia lies in rock wall cladding which can spice up any usual space in the building. They come in various styles like stone planks, stone tiles, smooth 3D, and stacked stone. 

In this article, let us look at some of the benefits of the rock wall cladding.


  1. Beauty: They are natural stones of various varieties with customisable arrangements according to the customer’s preference. As it also enhances the acoustics of a space, one can use it both in the interior and exterior of their homes. The material is very natural and highly durable, which gives it a rustic charm.
  2. Longevity: The natural stones are hard and durable, and that gives it a longer life span. Moreover, it is easy to maintain and is resistant to scratches, abrasion, and weather damage. Thus, there is only an initial installation cost that is involved in having the luxury of rock wall cladding in every house. 
  3. Varieties: It is one of the best benefits of choosing to go with stone wall cladding. Unlike some other cladding, these are available in a variety of stone types, formats and colours and also finishes. 


There are also a lot of cladding ideas which can suit every household that complement the interior decor of any home. They are even complementary to other materials like concrete and timber. That is why it is the most preferred cladding option among interior designers. 


  1. Insulation: It provides a high level of insulation in every weather, be it hot or cold. Australia tends to have extreme weather conditions during all times of the year. They are also resistant to fire and provide thermal insulation in rooms.
  2. Value-added Entity: With their aesthetically appealing looks and charm, it never fails to impress a person. It also provides the classic finish to every wall, be it interior or exterior. Therefore, it can significantly improve the value of a property. 


Best Places to Use Rock Wall Cladding

  1. Retaining Walls: They are rigid walls which support the soil and set a boundary. It is best to use them here as the retaining walls always have to be strong and durable. 
  2. Fireplaces: It is fire resistant, and that is why the fireplace is a perfect spot for them. It can withstand the heat of flames from a burning fireplace.
  3. Outdoor areas: The outdoor areas always need a stylish and clean finish to look appealing to the public. It can do this job with ease. 



Rock Wall Cladding is known for its perfection in doing the best job. It will never disappoint a person. Moreover, the house will have a touch of beauty and charm, which can make anybody say- it’s worth it!



Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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