There exists 2 sides for everything. Our mother nature has given some beautiful places which are capable making you feel the heaven on earth. At the same time, our earth is also filled with the unexplainable mysterious scariest places that can turn your nights into dreamless. This post is definitely not for the people who want stay away from the creepy stories but for the people who love to visit and experience the scary creepiest places exist on earth.

People who went through the haunted places listed here have heard the screams from nowhere, saw the shadows in fog, experienced the feel of being watched and many other bodily inconveniences. Now are you ready to get an interesting experience from the most creepiest places on earth?

No 10 : Humberstone and LaNoria, Chile

scariest places on earth

Although these 2 ghostly towns are said to be the most creepiest places on earth today, until few decades ago these were served as a booming mining towns. However, due to the recession in the year 1960 both of the towns were abandoned by its residents.

But it is being rumored that the dead people of La Noria cemetery used to rise and walk at nights. In hamberstone people have reported  the occurrence of ghostly images on their photographs. Whatever it may be, you can see the fully exposed bodies on the graveyard of La Noria. Questions ,Is it because of the ghosts or ghost robbers were featured on the scyfy’s show Destination truth.

No 9 : Riddle House, Florida

scariest places in the world

Although the Riddle house was purchased by Karl Riddle in 1920, when history of this house is traced back to some decades ago, it stuck with the shocking spot funeral parlor. However the paranormal activities were detected in this house only after when the Riddle ‘s employee Joseph hung himself in the attic. Since then those who enter into the attic of this house were believed to be attacked by Joseph. Now the entry to this house is prohibited. Apart from the attic, other places of this house is said to be haunted as well. Frequent movement in Furniture are recorded.  Riddle house is considered as one of the creepiest places on earth.

No 8 : Komodo Island, Indonesia

scariest places on earth

This Island is being ruled by Komodo Dragons, world’s largest lizard species. When you enter in this Island, you will be smelled by these cannibalistic, predatory monsters. These monsters have a really good smelling senses. They can even smell the arrival of human before couple of miles away.

On this Island,  no one can hear your hear scream even the Komso dragons. These scary looking lizards can’t pick up the high frequencies such as the voice of human howling in pain. So make sure you never even dream of going to this creepiest place on earth.

No 7 : Antarctica



As we are talking about the creepiest places on earth, I can’t miss out writing about Antartica. During the winter its filled with full of darkness. You can’t see the sight of sun during the months march to September. Its needless to say about the temperature in Antarctica. It falls below -60 C.

It’s the only continent on the planet that do not have the native population. So even if you do not die because of the temperature and darkness, definitely the feel of loneliness will make you die.

No 6 : Hoia Baciu Forest, Romania

scariest places on earth

Sudden disappearance of the shepherd with 200 sheeps has gained a name “the Bermuda Triangle of Romania”. People who live here believes that those who enters into the forest will never return. Aside to the belief, people who have returned from the forest gave a complain of some unusual bodily sensations like physical harm, migraines, scratches, burns, vomiting, rashes, vomiting and nausea.

Visitors who traveled through this creepiest place on earth have witnessed the some strange phenomenon like hearing the giggling, female voices from nowhere, sighting the orb like lights, the feel of being watched etc. In the year 1968 Emil Barnea a military technician took a strange photograph of a saucer like object over this forest.

This forest still remains as a mystery for all the researchers around the world. Some of them  have captured bizarre images like faces & other structures. Surprisingly only some structures were visible to the naked eyes others were visible only in photos and videos. The paranormal activities recorded here made this forest to land a spot on the list of top 10 most haunted places in the world.

No 5 : Mütter Museum, Pennsylvania

scariest places on earth

Undoubtedly Mütter Museum should be included as one of the creepiest places on earth. But it is immensely useful for general public, physicians and researchers. Anyway, when it is visited by those who are weak hear-ted, it will bring a nightmare. So Beware.This Museum is filled with full of malformed human body parts, fetuses, ravage of various diseases and wax statues.

Mutter museum accommodates a full sized wax statue of the famous twin brothers Chan and Eng. Worst of all windbag’s preserved intestine , every imaginable variants of human body parts such as the one with the worm like lower part , one with the flexible nose and one with  the central eye.

No 4 : Leap Castle, Ireland

scariest places on earth

Leap castle, regarded as one of the most haunted places in the world today was originally served as the principal seat  for the clan “O’Carrolls of Ely”.  Death of O’Carroll Chieftain in the year 1532 has given a burst out for power (leadership) among the family.  It has turned even a brother against brother. When the O’Corrolls brother who was a priest was carrying out the ritual rites, he was killed by his own brother and died in front of his family members. This cruel act of killing has sent an echo of misery to the whole castle. This creepiest place on earth is now called with the name bloody chapel. Since then the castle got the reputation of being haunted. This bloody chapel had a small room with the set up of drop floor where prisoners were pulled off and made to land on an 8 feet spike. Unlucky ones who survived through this spike had experienced an unimaginable pain until their death. When this room was discovered and cleaned by the workmen they found 3 full cart loads of human skeletons piled up on top of each other. Besides to the past bloody history of Leap castle , this castle is being guarded by an unexplained elemental force.

In 1991, this most haunted place in the world is sold to its current owner. Besides to all troubles he faced on restoring this building, he has reopened the building with lots of music, laughter and dancing.This scary castle is open throughout the year. But strictly no accommodation will be provided.

No 3 : Kabayan Mummy Caves, The Philippines

scariest places on earth

These man made mummy caves are known with various names such as Kabayan mummies or Benguet mummies or Ibaloi mummies. Since these caves contain  a bunch of well preserved fire mummies, these are  declared as the most endangered and creepiest places on earth. The unique process that was used in preserving the bodies has made these mummies unique from the rest. These mummies are believed to be created in between 1200 & 1500 CE by the Ibaloi tribe. Reaching the most haunted places in the world like Kabayan Mummy caves is not an easy task. 5 hours of dizzying climb on the stone steps followed by 5 hours of car ride up in the Kabayan mountain will lead you towards the Timbak caves where you can see the fire mummies still lie in their original coffins.

No 2 : Island of the Dolls, Mexico

scariest places on earth

This creepy place is located in the canals of south Mexico. In this Island you can see hundreds of most terrifying dolls hung in the trees, fences and every available place. The visual of blank eyes, severed limbs, decapitated heads appear to be threatening even in the bright day light. So just imagine, how hauntingly it would appear in the dark?

Just like all other creepiest places on earth, origin of Island of dolls has emerged from a tragedy. It is been storied that when Don Julian Santana (the Island’s only habitant) found the body of a drowned girl 50 years ago, he was haunted. After that whenever he saw any doll floating in the canal, he has started to hung It in trees to please her. As Julian’s troubled mind does not appear to be satisfied by hanging one doll in a tree. So he continued to collect the dolls and doll parts from the canal and filled every tree  in the Island. He have never stopped to hanging the discarded dolls until the day he died in the canal same as the drowned child in 2001.

Although this strange place and the haunting story has not gained much attraction of people and media during Julian’s lifetime, it took an interesting turn from his death.

Now the Island of dolls, one of the creepiest places in the world is been running as a tourist attraction by Julian’s family members. Many international television crews landed here and attempted to prove this as haunted.

If you ever want to experience how being in the most haunted places on earth would feel, land in South Mexico and walk among these dolls. The most terrifying experience is guaranteed.

 No 1: The Door to Hell, Turkmenistan

scariest places on earth

Sometimes aside to our best efforts, science researches take up a different route and pursue in an unplanned direction. You must have heard about the accidental inventions. Here is a different story. The creepiest place aptly named “the door to hell” or “Derweze” is a 230 foot wide drilling platform located in the middle of the dessert in Turkmenistan. This site was created originally by the Soviet scientists in the year 1971 with the thought of finding the natural gas reserves. However, their set up went in a unplanned direction and has created a fear of spreading the most poisonous methane gas. Researchers has set a volcanic crater with the hope they would be completely burn out in few hours. But, here comes the twist. 40 years has passed away. It has been still burning, attracting thousands of tourists and adventurers from all over the world. Although for human, this site is seem to be one of the creepiest places on earth, spiders seem to love and live here in thousands.

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