The Complete Character Profile of Daenerys Targaryen

The ever so charming, beautiful and gorgeous Daenerys Targaryen is one of the important characters in Game of Thrones. This young girl has blonde hairs & purple eyes. Her real name is Emilia Clarke and plays one of the main roles in GOT’s season 1 , 2, 3 and 4. Throughout the sequels, she is known with few other names like

  • Daenerys Stormborn
  • Dany
  • Dragon Lady
  • Mother Of Dragons
  • Khaleesi and
  • Mhysha

So, Who Is Daenerys Targaryen?

She is the last living daughter of Royal couple “King Aerys II Targaryen” and his wife “Rhaella. Her father, popularly known as Mad King was killed during the sack of Robert’s Rebellion before she was born. He took the Iron Throne and murdered the entire Targaryen Dynasty.

daenerys targaryen actress2

To escape from Robert Baratheon Rhaella, the pregnant mother had  to flee to an Island known as “Dragon stone” with her son Viserys and unborn child Daenerys. Dragon stone is an ancestral home of House Targaryen. When Daenerys was born, a forceful storm had hit the Island. Unfortunately, her mother died during the labor. Since then Dany survived storms and this is why she got the name Daenerys Stormborn.

Season 1

Dany and her brother Viserys were the only 2 people who survived the sack of Kings Landing. After the death of Rhaella, royal retainers took  Dany and Viserys to their free cities. In the city Pentos, the two were given food and shelter and this was offered by Magister Illyrio Mopatis. As days passed, she found her brother Viserys to be very cruel, weak and fearful. Viserys often had the habit of hitting her while he was short tempered. This was irrespective of time and place. His domination made Dany timid and weak. However, as she grew up, she started building her self confidence and soon became a strong woman. In fact, she became so courageous that she built a strong temptation to regain the crown of seven kingdoms. She realized that it  was not only her dream but also her birth right and responsibility. dragon lady

Daenerys Stormborn – Khal Drogo Wedding

Under the non-written agreement of getting 40000 strong Khalasar from Drogo’s Crew, Viserys set up a wedding between his sister Daenerys & Khal Drogo (who is a very powerful war lord of Dothraki). Viserys thought that it would help him take back his iron throne. Now, she had no other option left and unwillingly she marries the wild “Khal Drogo”. This situation creates a very remarkable twist in her life. Magister Illyrio presents 3 dragon eggs as his wedding gift. Ser Jorah Mormont who has served as a knight of Westeros presents a set of books containing the history of Seven Kingdoms. He also offers his loyal service to Dany until the end of his life. From that day, he became one of her most trusted companions.

At first, she was very scared of her wild husband Khal Drogo but soon she learned to utilize her feminine tricks on her husband cleverly. She even learned their language and explored their customs quickly. In no time, she established her dominance as Dorgo’s Queen Khaleesi, on the entire Viserys crew (people of Dothraki). It is been said that Targaryen kings tend to be either brilliant rulers or madmen. Our Khaleesi, seems to inherit the skill of leadership as her own birthright. After the wedding, Drogo’s Khalasar marches toward the east for several months. Daenerys gets pregnant with a child and she hopes to have a son. Drogo kills her brother Viserys for threatening her and their unborn son.

Khaleesi Eats Heart Of A Stallion



To prove herself as a True Dothraki, the pregnant dany had to eat a horse’s raw heart before Dothraki’s wise women. This event helped her a lot in getting her transformed from a meek girl to what she is at this moment. It also has proved her determination and strength to overcome the life barriers. She proves herself that she has taken a step in achieving what she wants. Soon, she gives birth to her son and names him Rhaego (in the memory of her slain brother Rhaegar Targaryen).

Assassination Attempt Of A Wine Seller

Now, Viserys is dead and Drogo does not seem to be much interested in winning the Iron throne. However, Daenerys Targaryen motivates Drogo to invade into Westeros so that their son can at least retake the iron throne. And to invade, they had to cross the wide open sea and this required ships and horses. To raise funds, Khalasar rides to a village and loots a lot of gold. He even got slaves and sold them for gold. In Dothraki market, under the order of Robert Baratheon,  a wine seller tries to poison the queen Khaleesi. Ser Jorah rescues her with the help of Rakharo (warrior of Drogo).

Sudden Death Of Her Unborn Son And Khal Drogo

While seeing Khalasar hurting women & children, Khaleesi stops her men and orders not to harm anyone. During a quarrel in accepting the orders from Dany, Drogo fights with one of his warriors named Mogo and gets a wound. From being ravaged, Deanery’s saves Mirri Maz Duur who was a priest. Dany requested her to heal the wound of Drogo. As wound gets worse, she asks the priest to do a blood magic to save his life. However, out of revenge the priest kills her unborn son Rhaego and leaves Drogo in a more pathetic catatonic state. Upon realizing the fact that this form of life is terrible to live, with tears in her eyes, Daenerys smothers Drogo and ends his life. Khaleesi frees all the slaves of dothraki and insists if they stay here, they have to behave as sister and brother or husband and wife.They should live as a family. Not as slaves anymore.

Dragon Hatching 

Having betrayed the woman tied to a pyre pole, Dany places 3 dragon eggs (since its a wedding gift) on Drogo and orders to fire. Assuming this as her death, Daenerys enters into the flame. However when fire burns out, she comes out unharmed with  3 hatched Dragons. After half century, for the first time Dragons emerge out of fire clinging to her body. Remember the fact, “Fire can’t kill a dragon”?. Here is where she gets her name “Mother of Dragons“. She names her 3 dragons as Drogon, Viserion and Rhaegal. Ser Jorah and the remaining Dothraki people who stayed with her starts to proclaim Deanerys Stormborn as their leader and queen.

Season 2

Khaleesi leads her crew across the red waste with a hope to find a shelter for them in the far eastern lands. When she tries to feed dragons with a raw meat  they refuse to eat. Horses and her dragons, which she claims as her babies began to die without water and food. To know if she can find any shelter, she sends 3 Dothraki warriors in 3 different directions with the plan of exploring the desert.

Cool Reception At Qarth

The first horse returns with Rakharo’s head in a saddle bag who was killed by his rival khalasar. Another warrior comes with an invitation from one of the great cities Qarth. When they arrive at the reception of Qarth, the 13 who were proclaimed as the “ruling council” refuses to let  her in with the demand to show her dragons. One among the 13, Xaro Xhoan Daxos argues with the council and receives dany and her people at his own risk.

Mother Of Dragon Trains Her Children To Breath Fire

Xaro offers Khaleesi and her people a lavish home. There Daenerys Targaryen trains her 3 dragons to breath flames with a command “Dracarys”. Council arranges a reception for her arrival. There she is introduced to the Qarth’s warlock, Pyat Pree. He demonstrates his frightening magic to Dany and her advisor Ser Jorah. Showing the Valyrian steel vault which is said to hold the treasure of  Qarth, Xaro put forth his marriage proposal. He promises to help her in getting ships to conquer the Iron throne. Dany shows her interest in utilizing this opportunity but when she consults with Ser Jorah, he prevents her from taking this offer. He reveals the loyalty and hope he has on her to become a queen. He promises her to get ships to sail away.

Warlock’s Invitation To The House Of Undying

Dany requests the spice king to lend his ships. But he denies to help her without any collateral. When she returns home, she finds that her men were brutally killed. Also she finds the missing of her 3 dragons along with Doreah. Xaro arranges a council of 13 so that Dany can ask them for assistance. In council, warlock reveals he is the one who has stolen all her dragons. Xaro exposes his intention to bring the city under his control. Warlock murders all the remaining with his magic tricks and invites the mother of dragon to the house of undying in order to look for her dragons.

Dragons First Kill

Ser Jorah attempts to stop her from entering into the house of undying but she manages to convince him to accompany her. By warlock’s magic, Daenerys is now separated from Ser Jorah and her warriors to the house of undying. She confronts many fake visions that include: vision of her husband with her son Rheago. Realizing this as an illusion, she continues to search her dragons. Pyat Pree claims that he plans to keep her dragons along with her to increase his power. When she commands with the word “Dracarys”, her little dragons breath a fire and burn warlock alive.

Fundraising For Ships


When Daenerys return to Xaro’s home, she finds Doreah with him in bed. Being hurt from betrayal, Khaleesi takes out his valerian steel vault and opens his treachery. As it proves to be empty, she locks both of them inside to die. She loots his possessions fair enough to buy ships and army.

Season 3

Most of the episodes in season 3 are dragon centric. Though in Season 2 finale, from head to tail those dragons come around the length of her arms, they seem to grow faster in season 3. So calling them as babies will not suit them anymore.

Dragon Epic Moments At Slaver’s Bay

Sailing away from Qarth, Dany arrives the city named Astapor at slaver’s bay. Unsullied, the elite warriors are known to be the strongest soldiers in the world. But as they are produced to be slave soldiers Daenerys Stormborn thinks that they may not fit her army to win the Iron Throne. Since she has no other option to buy an army, Ser Jorah convinces her to acquire an army at slaver’s bay. Mother of dragons considers this option and decides to expand her khalasar army. Dragons are grown now. They start to breath fire around but still they are not grown enough to be used as powerful weapons against the powerful army of seven kingdoms.

Khaleesi’s New Unsullied Army

khaleesi's new unsullied army

In Astapor, mother of dragons is given a quick tour to visit the Unsullied barracks. During the bargains, the unsullied owner Kraznys mo Nakloz speaks in Valyrian and his slave girl Missandei translates it into Westeros. As the unsullied owner does not know the fact that Daenerys can understand valerian, he insults her frequently.  He assures that these soldiers have no fear of pain and are trained from age 5. He also claims that only 1 in 4 survives the training. He demonstrates the statement by cutting off the nipple of the unsullied.  The soldier doesn’t seem to show even the sign of pain. Surprisingly, he thanks his master for offering a chance to serve him. Generally, the unsullied are trained not to show mercy. They can even kill a child in front of the mother. Although she disgust these facts, she still inquires Kraznys how many of them are available to acquire. He told he has 8000 and mocked she can buy only 100 with the money she has.

Warlocks Assassination Attempt To Kill Dany

Ser Jorah argues with Daenerys Targaryen that these soldiers will have a far better life under her vigilance than being under Kraznys. In the form of playing child, warlock tries to kill Dany but this time she is rescued by a man with his dagger who revealed himself as her father’s guard. He begs for dany’s forgiveness for failing in his duty to save his father. He requests to join with her as Queens guard. As Ser Jorah recognizes him, she accepts his request. Following the morning, Dany negotiates to get 8000 men in the exchange of her big dragon. At the end of the deal, Dany speaks valerian to march forward and halt them. Until then none of them knows that she can speak valerian. When Kraznys complaints that her dragon does not obey, she replies ” Dragons are not slaves”. She commands Dracarys to kill him alive. On her order dragons kill the unsullied masters and turns every slave free. However she instructs to not to harm innocents and children. All free men show their concern to stay under Deanery’s army.

Dany’s Great Deeds At Yunkai

Moving to the next great city — Yunkai, dany makes her effort to free the slaves. She sends a message to Yunkai’s leaders either to surrender or face the same fate as Astapor. Yunkai’s representative threatens her that he will use his powerful friends to destroy her. This action makes her dragons to show unexpected threatening gestures. Dany orders to gather info about the powerful friends, which he has mentioned. She meets the captains of second sons and inquires whether they can surrender and make peace. They insult her in the proceedings and mocks that they will not gain anything until she retakes the Iron Throne.  Khaleesi replies them that she had no army before fortnight and no dragons until an year ago. When Daenerys and Missandei had a conversation (disguised under the unsullied cloak), one of the second sons Darrio enters the tent and puts a knife at Missandei’s throat. He asks them to not to scream. Removing his helmet, he confesses that his captains ordered him to kill Daenerys. He told that he refused and killed them instead. He also produced his service and their heads to queen dany. With the plan devised by Daario, her army attacks the least defended gate and within few hours her army captures Yunkai. She offers slaves of Yunkai to choose their own way. They pledge to serve her army and celebrate her as mhysa, which means mother in Ghiscari language.

 6 Life Lessons Every Girl Should Learn From Daenerys Targaryen

1. Never stop chasing your dreams

Dany faced many difficulties in her life journey. Death of her own unborn child, situation to kill her own husband, multiple murder attempts… but she has never wavered with her beliefs. With her strong thoughts, she has managed to bring her dragons from even the extinction, the house of undying. For you, there may not be a compulsion to rescue the throne from that your family was deposed. But you must have a dream in some form or the other. Pursue that and take over the thrones confront in your way. Take the dragon lady as your role model but never try to slaughter the enemies to achieve your dream. 

2.Never Let Any Man Rule You

Think about her Savage husband and her abusive brother.She many faced countless troubles from the men she had in her life. She dealt most of these troubles with  courage. Every man who had laid a hand on her paid for it. We can say countless examples of women putting up with such abusive behaviors.  Therefore, each one of you reading this should learn the strong lessons from the book of Deanery’s.  Just as khaleesi, every girl should have a great control on her domain, body and of course the men who pose risk.  You don’t have to wear a wrath but you should learn to stay protective. 

3. Stand up for the rights of all

The ultimate goal of Daenerys is none other than the Iron Throne. But this singular goal never blinded her from protecting the rights of others. She has always risen to protect Dothraki brethren from racist attitudes. She raised her voice and stood up for freeing the slaves too. Every women must take this page from the mother of dragon’s life.  So whatever your goals may be, as a woman you shouldn’t go blind with your goal. Rather you require standing up for the issues that affects people around you.

4. Pick your battles

Though Daenerys strongly fights for what she believes in, she never get struck with worthless squabbles.  It’s not like everyone who crosses her way will become a prey to her dragons but only the most cruel ones. So her life teaches to not to react for every silly single thing.

5. It’s okay to get little dirty

Hang on! I am not asking you to eat a horse heart to succeed in your life. But just remember “sometimes you can allow your hands to get dirty”. There is no harm in it.

6. Be An Inspiring Leader

It’s not so tough, to lead an army with violence. But learn to give a lead with a sheer of awesomeness just like our Daenerys stormborn. You may not have the necessity to get your throne but every one of us should prove the leadership in our workplace and home. When you lead through inspiration, people will pay respect and will never hesitate to go some extra miles for you.

Emilia Clarke – Personal Profile

The year 2012 was one of the most phenomenal year for the 25-year-old daenerys targaryen actress Emilia Clarke. The prominent figure Emilia Clarke was unknown to the world until she began to cast in HBO’s super hit series, Game of Thrones. The role daenerys stormborn or Dany played by her has taken Emilia Clarke to great heights. As this gorgeous Brit has risen to fame by HBO’s series “Doctor” and “Games Of Thrones”. The doors to Hollywood were wide open. Soon, she had many new opportunities to act. As of now, she is getting involved with 2 major films. We can expect these in the big screen more sooner than you think. So Clark is now getting ready to begin her success Journey in Hollywood too. She has already finished her starring in movies like “Spike Island, Triassic Attack, Dom Hemingway, Shackled and  Rosaline”. Her upcoming movie is “The Garden of Last Days”.

Danearys Targaryen Is Supposed To Be Played By Tamzin Merchant & Not Emilia Clarke Earlier

Emilia Clarke stars in HBO drama Game of thrones by replacing Tamzin Merchant who had played the Dragon lady role in an unaired Game of thrones pilot episode. After the announcement of Merchant’s departure from this series on April 29, 2010, Emilia Clark began to cast this role. Tamzin Merchant  could have enjoyed the reward of starring as Daenerys Targaryen Actress and could have even received the opportunities like Emilia Clarke. But the real reason why she had been replaced by Emilia Clarke is still unknown. As long as HBO’s hit Game of thrones is considered, Tamzin Merchant is not the only person who has missed out the fame.

Daenerys-Targaryen-Actress-Tamzin-MerchantTamzin Merchant in an un-aired HBO Game of thrones Series

Emilia Clarke’s casting as Dragon lady was confirmed on May 21, 2010. After the successful completion of first season, she continued to star as Daenerys Stormborn in 2nd and 3rd seasons. Here is a quick bio of drop-dead gorgeous Emilia Clarke

  • DOB : 1st May 1987
  • First Episode in Game of thrones : ” Winter is coming”
  • Role which brought her to light: Dragon Lady daenerys targaryen
  • Nationality : British

Some Interesting Facts About Daenerys Targaryen Actress

  • Emilia Clarke started acting from her age 3. She has also attended and graduated from London Drama school.
  • If she didn’t choose her career in acting she claimed that she would either be a graphic designer or an architect
  • According to Askmen’s list of 99 most desirable women, she scores 88th position for the year 2012, 15th position for the year 2013 and now she is shockingly at No 1 by bumping down the last year’s topper Jennifer Lawrence.
  • In the year 2012, dragon lady Emilia Clarke topped the list of 100 most beautiful faces (As per Independent Critics List)
  • She Knows to play flute, guitar and piano
  • She has natural blue-green eyes
  • She has even served in Samaritans commercial that deals with suicide cases
  • She can speak French fluently
  • She is well versed in Ballet, Ballroom dancing, Alto, Blues, Ballad, Cabaret, Jazz and singing

Other Plays of Emilia Clarke Include

  • Hamlet
  • The Hot L Baltimore Doctors
  • Sense
  • A Flea In Her Ear
  • Awake and Sing
  • The Government Inspector
  • Wild Honey
  • A Midsummer Night’s Dream
  • Emilia Galotti
  • Pygmalion
  • The Changeling

Apart from Khaleesi people recognize Emilia Clarke as Holly Go lightly. This role was played by this cute brit in Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Unfortunately, due to the wide reception of negative critics made an end of this show during 21st April 2013. Daenerys Taragaryen at Futurama Although she was busy with Game of thrones third season, she simultaneously managed to do her first animated role in Futurama. We  can enjoy her presence throughout all episodes of the final season of Futurama‘s. This season is expected to deliver the best among all others. Emilia Clarke brilliantly plays her role as a woman who loves Dr. Zoidberg madly. Undoubtedly, this popular starlet of “Game of thrones” has a Promising feature.

Emila Clarke’s Achievements So Far

  • HBO fame Emilia Clarke best known as Daenerys Targaryen was nominated for the 2013 Emmy awards under the category of supporting dramatic actress. By seeing her perfect transformation from the timid girl into Mother of dragons, many people anticipated her nomination in season 1 itself. Anyhow she has caught the Academy’s attention only in season 3.
  • According to Askmen, Game of thrones starlet Emilia Clarke  has won the title of world’s most desirable woman. In Askmen’s 99 Most Desirable Women list, last year’s title winner Jennifer Lawrence is now bumped down to 4th place by none other than the hot Emilia Clarke. Game of thrones other TV stars Oona Chaplin & Rose Leslie have also been ranked at No 43 & No 61.
  • Emilia Clarke’s comedy movie Dom Hemingway with the star Jude law, was released in UK cinemas on November 15,2013. the latest season 4 is released on Apr 4, 2014

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