Want to purchase the best electric kettle in India? We all find easier and quicker ways to get our work done. And electrical appliances like the electric cooker and the electric kettle have made our lives so much easier. An electric kettle has pretty much become a necessity in the kitchen. It is so easy to get hot water to add to your already cooking ingredients. It can also heat liquids in half or even less time than it would take a stove. This makes it your best friend in the kitchen. And also, electric kettles are available at such affordable prices that you don’t have to think twice before making a purchase. If you have any trouble making a decision, our list of best electric kettles will help you.

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How to choose the Best Electric Kettle for you?

1. Capacity: This depends on how much liquid you are going to heat at a time. The bigger the capacity the more you can heat.

2. Keep warm: This feature helps preserve the warmth of the liquid after it is done boiling. The water will remain hot for a few hours after boiling. So if you forget to take your hot green tea, do not worry as the water will be hot and waiting for you.

3. Auto shut-off: This is more of a safety feature. If you pour water into the kettle and turn it on and then completely forget about it, do not worry. You did not burn your house down. This feature helps the kettle shut off automatically after water boils so there is complete safety.

4. Detachable base: A detachable base makes it easier to serve water or milk out of the kettle itself and to also clean it. Although a detachable base is pretty much a given in kettles these days, it won’t hurt to make sure.

5. Price: Think of what you want your kettle to do and exactly what you are going to use it for. Even the most advanced kettle is prices at under Rs.5000. But that does not mean that you should pay for features that you may not even use.

10. Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)

Best Electric Kettles in India

A product from Philips comes with a guarantee of good performance. It has a capacity of 1.2 litres which means you can heat multiple glasses of water/milk at the same time. This kettle also has a wide mouth that makes it very easy to clean and also pour contents into. This is made with the highest quality stainless steel. The handle has a very good grip to avoid any slips. There is a warranty of two years on this product. Are these features enough to make this one of the best electric kettles in India?

9. Clever Kitchen Manual Electric Multi-Purpose Kettle (Blue and White) (1.5 Litre)

Best Electric Kettles in India

An electric kettle that looks like a steamer pot, this electric kettle looks really good and has a lot of features at this price. It is made with ultra-durable stainless steel and has a handle made of plastic fibre. It is made keeping safety in mind so you will not burn your hands. And the product comes with a glass lid. You can use this kettle to cook noodles and pasta and even boil eggs! The warranty on this product is 1 year. This is definitely one of the best electric kettles in India as it is a steal at this price.

8. Kitchoff WDF Electric Multi-Purpose Kettle

Best Electric Kettles in India

With a capacity of 1.5 litres, this kettle is a very good buy at this price. The heating element of the kettle is hidden at the base. The kettle can be detached from the base for easy serving and washing. There is also a cord that can be coiled at the base. There is a light indicator that shows that the kettle is on. The kettle will also automatically shut off once the water/milk starts boiling. This kettle looks stout and classic like a teapot. If you are looking for a kettle that fits your budget, look no further as this is one of the best electric kettles in India.

7. Clever Kitchen Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettles in India

An electric kettle with all the basic features and in a low budget frame, this kettle is perfect for just heating liquids safely. This kettle has a capacity of 1 litre. It is very user friendly and is definitely one of the best electric kettles in India. There is a light to indicate whether it is on or off. The heater unit is concealed in the base and the cord can also be folded and hid in the base. It heats water very fast and can automatically shut off once it starts boiling. This is a definite requisite as we tend to forget that we started heating something in a kettle. It also has a handle made with high quality plastic that prevents any burns from scalding hot water. The product also comes with a warranty of one year.

6. Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettles in India

This kettle is made with food grade stainless steel and other extremely high quality materials that guarantee safety while using this product. With a capacity of 1.5 litres, you can boil many cups of milk at the same time. This can boil milk/water very fast, and automatically switch after it is boiled. It also has a very convenient handle that provides maximum grip and prevents any kind of slipping. This kettle has all the basic features that one would expect from a kettle and is really good at that. This is definitely one of the best kettles in India.

5. Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle

This kettle by Philips is one of the best kettles in India. The mouth of this kettle is very wide and therefore makes it very easy to pour stuff into it and also to wash it. This Philips kettle comes with a manufacturer’s warranty of 2 years. The heating unit is concealed. And also the cord can be wound into the kettle making it look sleek and nice. It has a lid that will spring up with just a touch and will prevent any spillage of hot water. This is definitely one of the safest kettles to use. And the brand itself guarantees efficient performance.

4. Electric Kettle PKOSS

Electric Kettle PKOSS

This kettle has a capacity of 1.5 litres. It comes with a light indicator that will let you know that the water is getting boiled. And once the water is done boiling, it will automatically shut down. You can measure the amount of water easily with its water level indicator. The kettle can be detached from its base unit and cleaned efficiently. All the materials used in this kettle are of the highest quality and therefore, guarantee the utmost safety. The lid of the kettle will close and lock in a single touch. What other feature do you need to make it one of the best kettles in India.

3.  Philips HD9316/06 Electric Kettle

Philips HD9316/06 Electric Kettle

The kettle comes with a stainless filter that is very efficient in properly filtering any contents that you may pour into the kettle. It also has a detachable base that makes washing the kettle very easy. The lid of this kettle opens very widely which makes it easier to pour contents into it without any spillage. Also, there is a keep warm feature that maintains the temperature of water even after it has stopped heating it. So you can come back to hot water/milk even if you forget to use it in a couple of hours. And it will also automatically stop heating once water starts boiling.

2. Kent 16023 Electric Kettle

Kent 16023 Electric Kettle

The base of this kettle is detachable. This kettle is definitely one of the safest kettles out there as no plastic is used in making it. It also has an auto-shut off function that helps the kettle shut off automatically when its contents start boiling. This means you don’t have to keep watching it all the time. And is also very safe. Its safety features are the main reason this kettle is one of the best kettles in India. The capacity of this kettle is 1.7 litres which is good enough. There are light indicators to tell you when the kettle is on and there is also a water level indicator. The manufacturer offers warranty of one year on the product.

1. Upscale Electric Kettle

Best Electric Kettles in India

With a capacity of 1.8 litres, this kettle can sure hold a lot at a time. It can be used for boiling both milk and water. And it can heat water very fast. It only takes a fraction of the time than the time it would take to heat water on a stove. This electric kettle comes with a separate tea strainer and also has a keep warm function. This feature helps to preserve the warmth of milk or water even if you don’t consume it immediately. You can also manually set the temperature for this keep warm function. And also, this kettle will automatically turn itself off once the water/milk starts boiling. So you don’t have to stand next to it and wait. This feature also protects the device from any kind of damage from overheating. It has various temperature options. You can choose from 40°C to 100°C. It also has a timer that you can set to have the kettle function automatically. There is a very chic LED panel through which you can control the kettle. Its looks alone make this the best kettle in India.

Kettle NameCapacity (Litres)Keep WarmAuto Shut-offDetachable BasePrice
Upscale Electric Kettle1.8YesYesYesRs.2,999/-
Kent 16023 Electric Kettle1.7YesYesYesRs.1,371/-
Philips HD9316/06 Electric Kettle1.7YesNoYesRs.2,754/-
Electric Kettle PKOSS1.5YesYesNoRs.3,004/-
Philips HD9306/06 Electric Kettle1.5YesNoNoRs.2,224/-
Russell Hobbs Electric Kettle1.5YesNoYesRs.749/-
Clever Kitchen Electric Kettle1YesNoYesRs.649/-
Kitchoff WDF Electric Multi-Purpose Kettle1.5YesYesNoRs.1,148/-
Clever Kitchen Manual Electric Multi-Purpose Kettle (Blue and White) (1.5 Litre)1.5NoNoNoRs.809/-
Philips HD9303/02 1.2-Litre Electric Kettle (Multicolor)1.2NoNoNoRs.1,994/-
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