Columbus got lost and discovered America in 1492. Should you try doing the same thing?

I mean, starting your trip without any guides or supporting tools because maybe, you’ll stumble upon amazing thing like Columbus?

No, that’s too much for a bet. Don’t risk your amazing adventure with merely wild thoughts. I would suggest using travel apps (at least you won’t get lost – j/k). Today, it’s the era of smartphone and a digitalized world – you have Internet connection even on Mount Everest. So, using travel apps will help you a lot in enjoying your trip to its best.

Check out these 10 best travel apps you actually need to make your next trip like a real savvy adventurer.

Top 10 travel apps every pro traveler should have

Hopper – Airfare Predictions

best travel apps

What does Hopper help you?

Want to know when is the best time to snatch away that cheap flight ticket? Hopper simply tracks and predicts flight prices for you so you can buy airway tickets with the lowest price. It’s among the best travel apps which help you to find the cheap airfare right away. This app is like your professional travel agent who knows all the future lowest airfare via predictions.

Plus, it also helps plan, organize and book your travel trip.

Why travel addict loves Hopper?

You don’t have to be that geeky to use Hopper. It has a wonderful interface which is very easy to use. This app has a real-time notification after you watch a trip so you’ll know the cheap flight ticket available instantly.

One more plus about Hopper is that it’s super-fast and convenient. You just have to spend less than 1 minute to book your travel and it’s only a few swipes/taps away.

Thanks to Hopper, your trip won’t look like a money-suicide adventure.

HotelTonight – Great Deals on Last Minute Hotels

best travel apps

What does HotelTonight help you?

HotelTonight helps you quickly book the last minute hotel deals. You can book a room with just 10 seconds. This awesome hotel booking app works with more than 15,000 hotels in 35 countries across the globe (so international!).

Why travel addict loves HotelTonight?

Isn’t it great that you can enjoy the best hotels without breaking your bank account? That’s the first and best thing about the app.

Secondly, the app is dead easy to use and highly customizable to your preferences. Thirdly, the app also sorts out the hotel types for you and suggests you the best one so you won’t get overwhelmed with too much information like with other apps.

So, if you are looking to go on a trip without much planning involved, let this app help you find the right place to stay at night, while also making sure that you will be getting the best deals for that place.

Google Maps – Navigation & Transit

best travel apps

What does Google Maps help you?

Even the wildest traveler won’t like it when he gets lost all the time in a strange place. Google Maps is your savior when it comes to finding information of the place around you or where you want to go. It’s your perfect compass.

Why travel addict loves Google Maps?

It’s real time and accurate. You can get updated everything immediately and precisely from the street information, the public transportation, transit, turn-by-turn direction guide etc. With Google Maps, you’ll find yourself know the place clearly like a local.

One more thing: it’s FREE.

Duolingo – Learn Languages for Free

best travel apps

What does Duolingo help you?

Duolingo is the best foreign langue learning app right now. You can learn any language for free, effectively and quickly. Its 70 million users can prove you that.

Why travel addict loves Duolingo?

When travelling in a foreign country, you might need to learn a few simple conversation lines. Duolingo is the perfect app for basic foreign language learning.

One big plus about Duolingo that makes people love using it is not only the beautiful UX interface but also how the app gamifies the lessons for users. It’s fun to learn new language with this app.

So, with Duolingo you can spice up your adventure life with local people and apply what you have learnt from it. Cool, right?

Tripit: Travel Organizer

best travel apps

What does Tripit help you?

Tripit is an all-in-one travel planner app for you. The best feature in this app is that it automatically finds travel-confirmation emails like flights, hotels, rental cars, events bookings, etc. then turns them into a conveniently complete itinerary for you.

Why travel addict loves Tripit?

It’s convenient. It’s fast loading. It’s helpful. Your travel plan is shareable between you and your friends in a group trip. Your adventure will be neatly setup. That’s enough for a perfect travel planner app.

Kayak – Flights, Hotels & Cars

best travel apps

What does Kayak help you?

When going on a trip, you will need to search for information from different travel sites. And this task is not only boring but also exhausting. Kayak knows it and it will do the task for you – it helps you book the cheapest flights, hotels/rental cars and save money with mobile only rates and private deals.

Why travel addict loves Kayak?

The free version is enough to use. Kayak is also fast and easy thanks to a great user interface. This app saves the life of many lazy bones when searching information for their next trip.

Groupon – Deals, Coupons & Discount Shopping App

best travel apps

What does Groupon help you?

Want a groupon travel? This app is what you need. This app helps you save money in everything you’re looking for. Of course, travel is in the list with many groupon travel deals.

Why travel addict loves Groupon?

This apps lets you have saving on local deals. It tracks your voucher’s precise information very well. You can save everything – from the price for your travel transportation to the price of food, hotels, unique personalize gifts, etc. in your trip.

XE Currency

best travel apps

What does XE Currency help you?

This is a free app that is a must-have when you travelling the world. It helps convert all kind of currencies in the world for you.

Why travel addict loves XE Currency?

It’s easy to use. Additionally, the app saves your currency converting data so you can find your previous currency quickly. It’s also very helpful with the market analyses to assist you greatly in planning large purchases or exchanging dollars at the best moment.

Isn’t this beneficial for those who are planning to go on a trip?

Prey Anti Theft – Tracking and Find your Devices

best travel apps

What does Prey Anti Theft help you?

I don’t mean your trip to be more adventurous when your phone got stolen. So here is a little weapon to protect your phone: Prey Anti Theft helps you track and locate your lost or stolen iPhone, iPad and Mac laptop.

Why travel addict loves Prey Anti Theft?

It’s free. And it helps you find what you lost effectively. Simply it does what it says it does.


best travel apps

What does WeatherPro help you?

Is today a good day to go on an adventure? This app brings you the exact, high quality and detailed information of the weather – no matter wherever you are.

Why travel addict loves WeatherPro?

This weather app updates new weather information very fast – just within each 3 hours. There’s no single weather information missed in this app. There’s even no adverts that annoy you.

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Keep your wanderlust burning on

Adventure is only the state of mind. Adventure doesn’t mean doing unexpected things in a strange place without any plan. Even the best adventure needs careful preparation before starting.

To look at the world with a different point of view and open your mind, it’s called going on an adventure. Be it “tourist” travelling or having an adventure, how you feel about the trip is the most important thing.

Happy travelling with the best travel apps above!

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