California is located on the west coast of North America. It is the largest US state by population and third largest in the area. California is a big place, so there is plenty of breathing room for tourists and newcomers. Big dreams are known to come true in prominent areas of California, which includes Hollywood and Silicon Valley. It also boasts the biggest economy in US and 7th globally. It is abundant in natural and cultural diversity; it has the best universities in the world and pleasant year-round weather. It has a program called comprehensive paid family leave, which started last 2010. These qualities made California a great place for families rooted in this place and for those who are looking forward to adopting the place as their home.

However, three years of FBI crime data was analyzed to identify the most dangerous cities in California and summarized the number of property crimes and violent crimes every year. Murders, robberies, rapes and aggravated assaults were considered as violent crimes. Crimes have many forms such as gang fights, texting while driving, burglary, thefts, and even worse, child kidnapping, while property crimes include larceny, arson, vehicle theft, and burglary.

California is said to be one of the best places in the world. It is known for its scenic views, beaches, celebrities and Hollywood. California is a major state and tourists are frequently visiting the place because of the attractions. But it can’t always be sunshine and roses. When you think about California, what comes to your mind first? Sunshine, forests, surfing, even mountains, right? But what about violence and theft? There is also a dark and gritty side where crime seems to thrive.

Each city on this list has a crime rate index score based on the data.

1.Emeryville City

most dangerous places in California

The home of Pixar Animated Studios, luxurious condominiums, and upscale shopping. It is also known for its IKEA store and tech companies. It is featured on a map in the film The Incredibles. It is also the second smallest city on the list and acts as a gateway to the East Bay. Residents have a height crazy property crime of 1 in 6 chances to be a victim. According to research, there are six registered sex offenders living in the area. Emeryville is going through a period of aggressive development where warehouses and industrial factories are replaced by modern retail and residential uses. It is a city, which you should take extra caution when visiting, especially if you are not familiar with the place. It has a violent crime rate of 12.54.

2.Oakland City

most dangerous places in California

It has a violent crime rate of 1 every 59, and 1 out of 17 in property crime. The Bump City residents have a high 1 in 50 chance to be a victim of violent crime. There is also an increase of 20% in property crime. Crime remains to be one of Oakland’s major problems. Oakland is known for its political activism, large corporations, healthcare industries, producers of family items, and internet technology. It is one of the major western cities in the US.

3.Stockton City

most dangerous places in California

It has 13.8 violent crimes per 1000 people in the year 2010. It also has an unemployment rate of 18.3. It contributed to the horrible crime rates in the city. It is the second largest city in the US that filed bankruptcy protection after its financial crisis last 2008.

4.San Bernardino City

most dangerous places in California

The population is over 215 000. Your chance to be a victim of violent crime is 1 out of 85, and 1 in 22 in experiencing a property crime. San Bernardino is known as “the friendly city” but it doesn’t mean that you are safe. Residents have 1 out of 17 chances to be a victim of crime. Crime here is horrible, more than 1 in ten residents are jobless. As professionals continue to flee into the nearby states, this city will continue to head down the drain and will, unfortunately, be an area for those who have no aspirations to succeed in life.

5.Desert Hot Springs

most dangerous places in California

it is located in Riverside County and is an affluent area. This may seem unexpected to belong on the list. However, it is not always the poorer communities or cities with lower income are the most dangerous. The city has a total population of 25 000. The violent crime rate in the area is approximately 14.78. The crime rate in the area is almost the highest in California. One in 4 homes are vacant, and residents earn a 32 grand a year which goes nowhere in the Californian budget. Summer time is also miserable.

6. Oroville City

most dangerous places in California

Known as the City of Gold and formerly called Ophir City. It is the home of Oroville Dam, one of the largest dams in the world, the largest earth-filled dam in the US and tallest in the country. It has a total violent crime rate of 14.81, which is exceedingly high. The danger in this city comes from violent crimes, with 218 in a year and over 1000 property crimes.

7.Compton City

most dangerous places in California

it is located in the southern Los Angeles County and has a total population of around 93 000 people. It is one of the oldest urban communities in the region and was the eighth city to incorporate. The violent crime rate in the city is 14.13 making the city a dangerous area for individuals to visit.

8.The city of Commerce

most dangerous places in California

it is called the “model city.” It has a population of 13 000 approximately. Your chance to be a victim of a property crime is 1 out of 13. It is one of the least violent cities on the list. But it also has a super high rate of property crime.

9.Modesto City

most dangerous places in California

it’s population has tripled since 1970, and the numbers of crime have risen as well. It is one of the most dangerous cities in the state with a crime rate of 7.77. It is ranked as the second top city for auto theft in America for the year 2010 and 2011. Its unemployment rating is 15% among the highest nationwide. With relatively high crime rates, residents are not likely to feel safe walking alone at night. There are 780 incidents of motor vehicle theft in the area.

10.Eureka City

most dangerous places in California

You may want to look at the crime rate of this small town before deciding to move or to visit alone. A lot of the smaller towns in California seem to be more dangerous than big cities that people often expect to have bigger threats. This small town has a population of 27 000 but has a higher ratio of crime rate than most cities in California.

These FBI data is only preliminary and cover only half the population of the state, but this is a strong indication that crime rates are increasing across the region.

Despite being one of the most beautiful places in the world, it is one of the most dangerous too. It is safer to go to a place where you aren’t as likely to catch stray bullets. There are numbers of reasons why you should avoid visiting places considered as the most dangerous. This list is very important not only for residents but also for tourists who visits the place and are planning to stay. If you have a plan in relocating your family, you should consider the safety of the place first.

Cities With The Most Crime In California

California is a place where dreams do come true. It is a state where you can get the mountains, sun, surf, and deserts. It is a place where dreams are made of, and movie stars wallow in the glory of their worth. California is a glorious state, but it also has serious problems like other states that need to be solved.

To rank the cities with the most crime, determining the criteria people like or dislike about a place comes first. To get a complete result possible the criteria used were:

  • Population density
  • Highest unemployment rates
  • Adjusted median income for the cost of living
  • High rate of housing vacancy
  • Education
  • Travel time
  • Weather

Income alone in California is higher than any parts of the nation. It’s just that the cost of living along with taxes will make it hard for you to save. There is an average of 4 per one hundred workers on safety incidents.

According to the FBI, there was a reported increase of 1.2 percent in violent crimes by the law enforcement agencies.

Are you looking for a place to live or a city to visit for your next vacation? One factor that you should consider is the crime rate of your destination to prepare yourself for potential problems that may arise or consider another place to visit.

Several crime-related statistics were considered but relied most on the following three:

  • Violent crimes such as murder, forcible rape, robbery and aggravated assault.
  • Identity theft
  • Fraud

Crime is very unpleasant, but it is real in certain urban areas. Knowing the statistics in your city will make you protect yourself and the people important to you to become a victim of a crime either physical or financial. Remember each city may report crimes differently and some crimes may go unnoticed and unreported. In many of the metro areas where crimes raised the most, the economy has been financially strong. It is believed that most people are more likely to commit crimes when the economy stumbles.

There are four possible reasons for crime, and they are:

  1. A shaky economy
  2. A fracturing family system
  3. Unemployment rate
  4. Easy availability of firearms

The United States of America is a promised land of opportunities and the ultimate dream destination. But, it has a disadvantage too. With a high rate of every kind from burglary to motor vehicle, some cities are considered dangerous as well. As long as you take basic precautions against petty crime and avoid the obvious run-down neighbors, you will surely have a safe and pleasant stay in this place.

If you are traveling along the Pacific Coast Highway, you may notice that there are numbers of hitch-hikers along the way, but most hitch-hikers present no danger. Still you need to be extra cautious in picking them up.

Cities with the most committed crime are prosperous and have a high concentration of wealth and amenities compared to towns surrounding it. This resource attracts people toward the cities. One of the reasons why they are on the list as one of the most dangerous cities is that the organized crime is spreading rampantly. Solutions like strict law enforcement, gun control, excellent education and loads of employment opportunities are the answers to bring the crime rate down. The authorities should address the causes of the crime rising in these cities. California has a relatively high crime rate compared to other states. Northern coastal cities have constant issues with drug activities and property crimes. Drugs such as marijuana are illegal in California. Do not bring cannabis to any Indian reservation that has deemed it illegal or to Federal enclaves because Federal law will be enforced heavily.

California is filled with a very diverse group of people, which has different cultures and traditions. Views such as bigoted, homophobic or xenophobic are not tolerated as well. Though there are many awesome places in California, it, unfortunately, has the cities with the most crime. California is supposed to be the Golden State. It has a glassy Pacific beaches and hazy sunshine that is very beautiful especially during summer season. It is a promised land. You can see the amazing wildflowers of California too. You can also visit Anaheim, the home of the literal ancestor to the modern theme park. You can also ski to one of their great resorts near Lake Tahoe. You can try your hand at surfing over Orange County too. You can experience their Northern California Blues Festival too. But if there is one tip that we can give you: “You may relocate and visit California, just choose your city well.”

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