If you want to plan your vacation to some interesting destinations instead of the same resorts and beaches, here is a pretty idea for you. Everyone love chocolates. Who on earth will refuse? So why don’t plan to explore the whole world of chocolate museums this time? Hope this plan will please everyone in your family.

To get started, here I have presented a list of top delicious chocolate museums around the world. Everyone museum listed here portrait the entire history of chocolates. They even educate you on the process of chocolate making. Entrance for some of these museums are totally free and for some you need to pay a little fee. To satisfy your craving, generally you can see  the attached shops along with all these yummy museums.

Let’s start to explore on 10 great chocolate museums now

No 10 : Imhoff-Schololaden museum, Germany 

Let’s start with a cologne chocolate museum. Because this is where the entire thing was started. Centrally located on the River Rhine this museum has got an amazing building made of glass and metal. Started in 1993, this museum feeds more than 675,000 people every year. You can easily get there and the locals here are proud of giving you the directions.

Fragrance of chocolates will start to greet you once you walk into the doors of museums and since then it will only get better. If you want to taste a chocolate in your own way, IMHOFF chocolate museum offers this golden opportunity through their miniature machines. At this magical building, you can get a glance at the machines that make chocolates, historical vessels used of drinking chocolates, chocolate molds, tropicarium (it’s a glass building where cacao trees grow) and world famous 3 meter high chocolate fountain. To sustain yourself on the way to your home this museum also boasts a chocolate shops too. There you can also find a just dipped in chocolate waffle cookies. Are you a resident of Germany? feel happy about it. Your country has one of the amazing chocolate museums around the world and you are living near to it.

No 9 : Choco-Story Chocolate Museum, Belgium 

An  hour of drive on an excellent high ways from Brussels will get you right into the Choco- story chocolate museum in Brugge . This small town resides in the world famous Belgian city. Every chocoholic knows that Belgium is the place for chocolates. Like” what wine is to Bordeaux or Pizza is to Naples, Chocolate is to the city of Brugge”.

This museum is the brainchild of Eddie Van Belle & his son, Cedric. They are the only authentic manufacturers of Belgian chocolates. They modernized this museum to function as a knowledge home for all chocolate lovers. In this museum, you can see Cedric (founder of this  museum) roaming through chocolate galleries and answering the questions of Belgian chocolate enthusiasts.

It is open daily from 10 A.M to 5 P.M. However it will remain closed for few days during the X-MAS holidays.  Near to this museum, you can also find 40 chocolate shops specialized in Belgian chocolates.

If you wish you can take an online virtual tour to this Choco-Story chocolate Museum.

No 8 : Ganong Chocolate Museum, New Brunswick, Canada

popular chocolate museum

Canada’s age old chocolate company Ganong has founded this Museum in the year 1873. This company is the one who has first created the wrapped chocolate bars.

This century old chocolate museum has many things to boast to every chocolate lover. You can learn candy making via hands on exhibits . You can have a look at the artistic chocolate boxes and antique candy making too. This museum is located in St. Stephen which is officially known as “Canada’s Chocolate Town”. In the world of chocolates, Ganong Bros Products has a very good reputation and known among all. These products are made here.

.This museum also organizes chocolate festival once an year. Feel of attending such festivals in the most popular chocolate museums around the world is awesome. Experience it.

No 7 : Krsany Oktyabar Chocolate Museum, Russia

popular chcolate museums

Some wonderful work of art can be seen at this great chocolate museum. It presents hand crafted pictures of dolls, animals, cars and our  beloved Disney characters too. So when next time you travel to Moscow, give a try with this delicious chocolate museum.

6. Musee les Secrets du Chocolat, France

Musee les Secrets du Chocolat, France

This museum is built with a theater, tea room and gift shops. Apart from chocolates, this complete chocolate museum offers chocolate pasta, chocolate beer, chocolate vinegar and traditional,  modern chocolate molds and the many. To make it short, each and every part of this museum stay elegant just as the country it belongs.

No 5. Museu de la Xocolata, Spain

This chocolate museum offers many interesting activities to its visitors. These activities include speaking in chocolate, chocolate painting, Chocolate artistic and the many. These activities are offered in 4 categories according to age group. These are held at during the opening hours. By looking to the artistic work and sculptures made out of chocolates, you will totally forget that you are looking into chocolates. Art works range from religious work to the most funny cartoon characters.

No 4. Phillip Island Chocolate Factory,  Australia

Museu de la Xocolata, Spain

Without any further question this museum is the most sweetest attraction that adds proud to Philip Island. No matter whether you know to make chocolate or not, everyone can make their own chocolate here. Wondering why? This museum offers interactive machines that help you make chocolates on spot. Apart from these there are many surprises are waiting here.  Philip Island chocolate factory is one of the worth watching chocolate museums around the world



I am sure your visit to this museum will not make you go disappointed. TCHO offers samples of their chocolates, biscotti and chocolate nibs to each and every one of the visitors arrive here. My strong recommendation is go to this delicious chocolate museum in person and have a mouth watering experience. If you can’t make it to this museum take a virtual tour without fail.

No 2. The Chocolate Museum , England

chocolate museum england

This museum conduct British History Of Chocolate exhibition every year. Visiting this exhibition will give you a whole new experience. Here you can explore your knowledge on how chocolate is made. Anyone can take the chocolate workshop and held a private parties here. Just imagine how it will feel to have your birthday celebration in one of the most popular chocolate museums around the world ? It’s a best place that satisfy your curiosity and cravings altogether. If you are living in Brixton, visit this museum and update us how these chocolates taste.

No 1 : Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier, France


All other chocolate museums exist around the world dreams to be like the one (Bovetti museum).We are talking now. Because it is the best! This museum is created by a chocolate craftsman to exhibit people on how chocolate is made. His intention has achieved anyway. People who visit this museum will certainly start to mold their own chocolates. Staffs who work here promises the discovery of so many not yet tried flavors to everyone visiting Bovetti Artisan Chocolatier. So if you live anywhere in France, why don’t you visit this mouth watering chocolaty museum?

Though I have listed only 10 museums , plenty of chocolate museums exists around the world. I wish to visit every single one of them. If you are living near to any amazing chocolate museum or you have been to such museums let us know about them by dropping your comments.


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