All of us should agree that our households are very dependent on our unreliable maids. Except for the few lucky ones, most of us have maids who bail on us at the last possible minute. And if you are like me, you also absolutely hate washing vessels. Enter: Dishwasher! A Dishwasher is such a life saver. You can just load all the dirty vessels into it and it’ll all be squeaky clean in a couple of hours or less (while you take a nap). Another huge advantage of using dishwashers is that it uses very little water. A manual washing session of a family of 4 per day will require up to 60 litres of water while the dishwasher uses only around 9 litres for the same amount of vessels. Wow, right? If you are having a tough time choosing a dishwasher that is perfect for you, here is a list of the  Best Dishwashers in India.

Some Dishwasher Pointers to keep in mind
What not to put in a Dishwasher?
Can I use Dishwasher Tablets?
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How to choose the Best Dishwasher for you?
  • Energy Efficiency: The energy rating levels for dishwashers range from A+ to A+++ with the latter being the best. The better the energy efficiency rating, the lesser your electricity bills.
  • Place settings: The number of place settings tells you how spacious the dishwasher is. Although brands convince you that a dishwasher with 12 place settings is enough for a family of 6, that is not exactly the case. With a family of 6 and a 12 place setting dishwasher, you will end up running 2 cycles in the dishwasher on most days, thus using more water and electricity. So buying a dishwasher with 15 place settings for a family of 6 will save a lot of power and water in the long run even though it may cost more during purchase.
  • Half load feature: On some days, you may have very few vessels to wash. You still don’t have to wash them manually as most dishwashers have a half load feature that will use less water, electricity and detergent while effectively washing all the vessels.
  • Refill Indicator: All dishwashers come with this feature these days but make sure yours does. Cos only the indicator lets you know when you should refill salt and rinse aid in the dishwasher.
  • Dry feature: If you don’t like waiting for your vessels to dry cos it takes too much space on your counter-top, you can choose the extra-dry feature and have them dried inside the dishwasher itself.
  • Pre-wash: Almost all dishwashers have a pre-wash or pre-soak feature. You will be needing this if your vessels are extremely dirty or have dried with the dirt on it. This will ensure completely clean utensils after the full cycle is done.
  • Warranty: Choose a dishwasher that has long warranty periods and easily accessible service centres.
  • Price: Last but not least, the price is what determines which dishwasher you should get. Do not pay extra for features that seem fancy but you may never use.

14. Voltas Beko DF15SP DishwasherVoltas Beko DF15SP Dishwasher

This Voltas dishwasher is definitely one of the best dishwashers in India. The motor is made with a magnetic design that means the motor makes less noise and has very few vibrations. The AquaIntense technology ensures that water touches all the dishes everywhere for efficient cleaning. The water pressure is alternatively adjusted to the lower and upper baskets of the dishwasher. The arrangement of the baskets can be customised according to your needs. There is a warranty of 1 year on the product.

13. Voltas Beko Table Top DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

This is definitely the cutest dishwasher on our list of best dishwashers in India. This dishwasher can be kept on your counter-top just like a microwave oven. One huge advantage of that is that you do not have to bend down to load or unload or clean the dishwasher. Due to its table-top feature, it is obvious that this dishwasher cannot hold as much as the other ones on this list. This dishwasher is perfect for 1-2 people. It has 8 place settings and 6 wash programs. You do not have to doubt the functionality of this dishwasher for even a second. It is in 15th position only due to its size. It functions just as well as its competitors and comes with a warranty of 2 years on the product that can be extended. And 5 years on the motor.

12. BPL D812S27A DishwasherBPL D812S27A Dishwasher

This dishwasher has 12 place settings that is fine for a family of 4. There are 8 different wash modes programmed keeping in mind the different vessels used in Indian cooking and their washing needs. The half load feature can be used when you have very few vessels and so you don’t need as much water, electricity and detergent as a full-load wash. The LED display not only adds to the look of the dishwasher but also makes it easier to use the dishwasher. There is a warranty of 1 year on this dishwasher. This is on our list of best dishwashers in India because of its price and such awesome features!

11. Faber FFSD 6PR 12S DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

This dishwasher by Faber comes with 12 place settings that is perfect for a family of 4. It has 6 different wash settings like Normal wash, Intensive wash, Eco wash, Rapid wash, Pre-soak wash and Glass wash. Although the names of these modes make their functions obvious, read the manual to know in detail exactly what these functions are for. There is a delay start feature that lets you begin the dish washing cycle later on. The half load feature can be chosen when you have less vessels to wash as this will use very less water and electricity (and not to forget, detergent). This dishwasher has been designed keeping the Indian flavours used in cooking and the indian utensils in mind. So it can remove all the spices and masala from your utensils and glassware. The warranty on this dishwasher is 2 years.

10. IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

This dishwasher has energy saving levels of A++ which will save you a lot of money on electricity. You do not have to worry about this dishwasher accommodating all your fancy plates and bowls as it comes with 12 place settings. The half load feature lets you save water, power and detergent.The steel basket can be hung a little above or below to suit your needs. So, you can also wash your bottles in this dishwasher. This also has a minimalist design with just a knob and a couple of buttons that adds on to the sleek look of this appliance. This dishwasher is one of the best dishwashers in India because of its high quality and basic features that it offers. There is a warranty of 2 years.

Some Dishwasher Pointers to keep in mind:
  • Always simply wash the vessels lightly so that no particle residue is sticking to them before you place them in the dishwasher. While the dishwasher can remove those particles, it’ll all get collected in the residue compartment and will therefore require frequent clean ups of the compartment or it may cause the dishwasher to not function properly.
  • Arrange the vessels in the dishwasher in such a way that allows optimal cleaning. Place the dirtiest parts facing the water spouts. Ideally, arrange vessels in the sections of the dishwasher that is meant for them (plates stacked one behind the other, cups facing down).
  • Look out for the Salt and Rinse Aid refill alerts and fill them up for the best cleaning.
  • Make sure all your cups and bowls are facing downwards so that soapy water does not get collected in them while rinsing.
  • Always choose a mode according to how dirty the vessels are. It does not mean that the vessels will only get clean if the dishwasher runs for longer. • Do not overload the dishwasher too much as you will only end up rewashing vessels that don’t get washed properly.
  • While using the dry or extra dry feature keep in mind that the dishwasher dries the utensils with steam. So plastic vessels that are not dishwasher safe but have survived normal rinse cycles may lose shape or even melt because of the steam! You have been warned!

9. Koryo KDW1483DIW DishwasherKoryo KDW1483DIW Dishwasher

This dishwasher is designed to make your life easier. This dishwasher is very easy to use and control. This is what makes this one of the best dishwashers in India. The water in this dishwasher gets very hot and kills almost all the germs and completely cleans the utensils. The dishwasher looks very sleek and classy and will just camouflage into your kitchen. There are 8 programmed wash settings for effective cleaning. There is also an LED display that makes it very easy to operate the dishwasher. The baskets are made of stainless steel. And this dishwasher has 14 place settings. And there is also a buily-in rinse aid dispenser that makes this very unique from its competitors. The arms spray water at great forces to reach all corners of the dishwasher and clean every inch of your utensils. There is a warranty of 1 year on the product.

8. Whirlpool WFC3C24 DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

This Whirlpool dishwasher claims to have 30% more space than other 14 place setting
dishwashers. This is possible because of its multiple racks that can fold and move. So this
dishwasher can be comfortably used by a family of 6 members. The back of the dishwasher has very powerful nozzles that sprays water very fast to remove the most adamant stains and residue on your vessels. This has a motor that ensures that the appliance make very minimal noise thus, allowing you to sleep soundly in the same room. The energy rating of this dishwasher is A++. The 8 wash settings let you completely customise the intensity with which you want your dirty vessels to be washed. There is a warranty of 2 years.

7. IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic DishwasherIFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic Dishwasher

This dishwasher has an energy saving level of A++ which is very good. This will definitely keep your power bills in check. This dishwasher has all the space you need for your tall bottles and huge pans with its 12 place settings. The racks and baskets can be moved or folded to suit your needs.You can choose the Half Load mode if you have very few vessels to wash. This will let you conserve energy and water. The height of the upper basket can be adjusted if you need more room in the bottom basket. The quick wash feature lets you wash all your dishes in just 40 minutes!There is a warranty of 2 years on this product.

6. Bosch SMS66G101I DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

This Bosch dishwasher has 12 place settings that is pretty good for a family of 4. This dishwasher has been completely designed keeping in mind Indian ingredients and Indian utensils. The water in this dishwasher kills 99% germs as it gets heated up to 70ºC. This dishwasher lets you be very water efficient. There is a quick wash mode that you can use to wash and dry vessels in an hour if you are in a hurry. The dishwasher is very user-friendly and lets you clean all your utensils effectively. The buttons on the front panel are all labelled for efficient usage.The pre-programmed settings let you choose the perfect mode for your dirty dishes. There is a warranty of 2 years on the product.


What not to put in a Dishwasher?
Do not put any vessels made of

  • WOOD
  • PLASTIC VESSELS THAT DON’T SAY “Dishwasher safe”

5. Siemens SN256I01GI DishwasherSiemens SN256I01GI Dishwasher

This Siemens dishwasher has 12 place settings which is good enough for a family of 4 members.There are 6 different settings to wash the vessels. You can choose one depending on what type of vessels are in the dishwasher and how dirty they are. This dishwasher runs very quietly. It also has a water sensor that can sense the water levels and a load sensor that can detect how full the dishwasher is. You can customise the baskets inside to suit your needs. The front panel has buttons to choose different settings and an LED display to show the setting, time remaining or any refill alert. There is a comprehensive warranty of 2 years on the dishwasher.

4. Faber FFSD 8PR 14S DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

Faber is very popular for their high quality chimneys and hobs. So it isn’t surprising that they also make some of the best dishwashers in India. This one has 14 place settings that is fine for a family of 4 to 6 members. There are 8 pre-programmed wash settings that you can choose from depending on the griminess of the vessels. It’s 3D wash technology can wash off any kind of masala or oil with its high power spray arms. Its energy saving levels will astound you. It has an energy saving level of A+++! The most energy efficient dishwasher on our list of best dishwashers in India. This also has a child lock feature that will keep the dishwasher safe from the fiddling hands of naughty toddlers and kids. You can also set up a dishwasher cycle for a couple of hours later with its “Delay Start” feature. It also has an extra drying feature and functions quietly. There is a warranty of 2 years on the product.

3. IFB Neptune SX1 Fully-automatic Front-loading DishwasherIFB Neptune SX1 Fully-automatic Front-loading Dishwasher

This dishwasher by IFB has 15 place settings which means there is space for all of your vessels.This lets you wash more vessels in one cycle thereby saving water and electricity. This dishwasher would be advisable for families with 6 members. There are 8 different wash settings that you can choose from depending on how dirty your vessels are. The vessel baskets can be moved and folded so that you can completely customise it based on your needs. And there is more than enough space for everything. Your big pans and fat beer glasses can all be arranged very neatly. This dishwasher has an energy efficiency level of A++ which is very good. This also comes with a built-in water softener that allows the detergent to completely dissolve in water for optimal cleaning. As if that’s not enough, there are two more reasons that make this dishwasher one of the best dishwashers in India. The first is its “half load” feature that lets you save water, electricity and detergent when you are washing fewer vessels. And the next feature is its PRICE!

2. LG DFB424FW DishwasherBest Dishwashers in India

LG is one of the leaders of the electrical appliance market. So their product comes with an inbuilt guarantee of top-notch performance. This particular dishwasher has 14 place settings. This means you will have no problem washing the dishes after your party in one go. There is a “truesteam” feature that ensures that scalding hot water touches every inch of every utensil placed in the dishwasher. And the steam that is emitted also results in no water spots on your favourite cutlery.The water spouts are on this fan like bar that rotates and sprays water very fast with maximum coverage because of its “Quadwash” feature. The inverter ensures that the dishwasher operates very quietly. The baskets for vessels can be easily moved and customised to suit your daily utensil load. There is a warranty of 2 years on the dishwasher and 10 years on its motor. This is definitely one of the best dishwashers in India.

1. Bosch Fully Intergarted Built in DishwasherBosch Fully Intergarted Built in Dishwasher

Bosch has made the best Dishwashers for decades now. They are the pioneers in the industry.They know exactly what we need from a dishwasher and over the years have made our lives so much easier with their innovative dishwashers. This dishwasher has an energy efficiency level of A++ which is very good for this kind of a dishwasher. This comes with 13 place settings. And there are 5 different cleaning temperatures. You can choose a vessel depending on how soiled your vessels are. The door can be child proofed if you have naught kids running around trying to pry everything open. This dishwasher is one of the smartest out there. It can detect water levels with its aqua sensor and check if the vessels are loaded with its load sensor. It can also detect if you have put the detergent in or not. If there are only a few vessels to wash, you can choose the half load feature that uses less detergent and less water. The vessel compartment is made of stainless steel. It also has a digital indicator to tell you how much time is left in the cycle. The dishwasher will also alert you when its cycle is done. There is a digital LED indicator that lets you know if the salt or rinse aid is less. The stainless steel baskets are very spacious with intended spaces for cups, glasses, plates and spoons. There is also a very cool extra-dry feature for those of you who do not like waiting for vessels to dry before arranging them. And this makes very less noise. This dishwasher comes with a warranty of 2 years. This is definitely the best dishwasher in India.

Can I use Dishwasher Tablets?
Although dishwasher tablets are growing in popularity, they are not really user-friendly. Dishwasher tablets combine dishwasher detergent and dishwasher rinse aid together and so, seems like it is very easy to use. All you have to do is put the tablet in the detergent compartment. But a looooooot of people have reported that half or more of the tablet remains in the detergent compartment after the cycle is over. And this makes customers question the effectiveness of the cleaning cycle. Although this may be because the tablet contains a lot more detergent and rinse aid than required. But we don’t know. So I would suggest getting detergent separately and rinse aid separately. This way, you get to decide how much detergent to put depending on the number of vessels and their soilage. Therefore, saving detergent in the long run. Also, tablets are very expensive!

NameEnergy EfficiencyPlace settingsHalf load featureRefill IndicatorDry featurePre-washWarrantyPrice
Bosch Fully Intergarted Built in DishwasherA++13YesYesYesYes2 yearsRs.58,000/-
LG DFB424FW DishwasherA++14NoNoYesNo2 yearsRs.46,999/-
IFB Neptune SX1 Fully-automatic Front-loading DishwasherA++15NoYesNoNo2 yearsRs.40,999/-
Faber FFSD 8PR 14S DishwasherA14NoYesNoYes2 yearsRs.38,999/-
Siemens SN256I01GI DishwasherA12YesNoNoNo2 yearsRs.36,730/-
Bosch SMS66G101I DishwasherA++12YesYesYesYes2 yearsRs.34,499/-
IFB Neptune VX Fully Electronic DishwasherA++12NoYesNoNo2 yearsRs.32,990/-
Whirlpool WFC3C24 DishwasherA14YesNoYesYes2 yearsRs.32,990/-
Koryo KDW1483DIW DishwasherA14NoYesNoNo2 yearsRs.26,999/-
IFB Neptune FX Fully Electronic DishwasherA12NoYesNoNo2 yearsRs.26,490/-
Faber FFSD 6PR 12S DishwasherB++12YesNoNoNo2 yearsRs.24,999/-
BPL D812S27A DishwasherB++12YesYesNoNo2 yearsRs.24,990/-
Voltas Beko Table Top Dishwasher>/strong>A14NoNoNoNo2 yearsRs.19,890/-
Voltas Beko DF15SP DishwasherB++15NoNoNoNo2 yearsRs.47,360/-

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