“Sweet Sixteen” as it is called, everyone looks forward to turning 16. Especially girls. It’s when you are in the prime of your adolescence. Everything seems exciting and vibrant and you have that invincible zest for life and this is what deserves a celebration.

Best 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

1. Clone / Mini-Me Gifts

16th birthday gift ideas

3D human cloning is a cool trend that is catching up now. All of us have seen the clone dolls of our favourite celebrities and now we can get that done for anybody. As your teen is turning 16 this year, gifting her/him a “mini-me” clone will put a smile on his/her face whenever he/she looks at it. You can order the miniature clones in different sizes (Mostly 9 inches, 12 inches and 18 inches). Ordering one of these will take at least a month to get delivered, so hurry up and  order it now . And it will definitely be worth the wait 🙂

2. Car/Car Accessories

16th birthday gift ideas

Most teens can’t wait to turn sixteen as this is when they get to start driving. They will love you forever if you get them their favourite car. But if they already have one or have plans for getting one, you can get them car accessories or new driver kits.

3. Personalized Photo Frames or Canvas

16th birthday gift ideas

You could get an image in a personalized photo frame or get an image painted on canvas that can be hung or kept on a desk. Every time your teen looks at it, it is sure to bring a smile on their face.

4. Aqua Zorbing


Zorbing is a sport in which you are put inside this hugeeeeeee transparent ball and the ball is pushed downhill and you roll with it. Don’t get all dramatic and imagine rolling on a rough slope, you will be made to roll down a pretty smooth slope. Now, since we know that water games are more fun, Aqua Zorbing includes water. The ball will have some water which will also roll with you. Sounds cool right? And also, two people can go in the ball at a time. And your teen is definitely going to ask you to let them go downhill once more, so be prepared.

5. 14k Gold Sweet 16 Pendant’s 

16th birthday gift ideas

This elegant accessory is one of the perfect gifts you can give to your daughter, sister or granddaughter. These are conflict free and are in compliance with “Kimberly Code of Conduct”. They can also embed diamonds on this. Looking at this years later will definitely make her smile 🙂

6. Nissan Skyline and Camaro Driving Thrill


This thrilling, fast & furious double supercar driving experience is a very special gift. Not just a single supercar, but driving two incredible spectacular cars (” the Nissan Skyline and Camaro SS”) 3 miles each on a special race track will make you popular among your peers. No previous experience is needed. On arrival, your teen will be provided with a well trained ARDS-qualified instructor who will be guiding him/her in both the rides. So you don’t have to worry about safety. Passenger ride is also allowed so you can also be a part of this fun ride too.

7. Magic Mug16th-birthday-gift-ideas-5

Now, what is the magic, you may wonder. At room temperature, this is an ordinary mug, but when you pour something hot into it, your customized image appears on it. Cool right?

8. SWEET SIXTEEN Magazine Cover (framed)

16th birthday gift ideas

If your teen dreams of being a model someday, this may be the perfect gift that will make them incredibly happy and also motivate them to achieve their dreams. You can customize literally every little thing on this cover. So take your time and plan everything before placing your order.

Order it here

9. Who doesn’t love money?

You can get your teen started with an independent bank account with some balance in it. You can also get them a student card and teach them money management. This can be a start to making your teen a responsible and very rich adult.

10. Sweet 16 Birthday Gift Basket


birthday gift ideas
If your teen is a foodie, put together all of their favourite stuff in a basket and leave it outside their room door. And don’t forget to make sure it has excess chocolate!

11. Zodiac Accessories


Get your teen a necklace or bracelet with their zodiac sign on it. It id believed to bring them good luck.

Order it here

12. iPad


If your kid loves gadgets and doesn’t own an iPad, get this. You don’t have to worry about them liking it. Just get the model right.

Buy from Amazon

13. iPod

birthday gift ideas for him


All teens love music. So if you want to pick something that you could not go wrong with, get this.

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14. SingStand Home Karaoke System
16th Birthday Gift Ideas

SingStand Home Karaoke System is an outstanding gift for teenagers. Kids like to interact with music. This gift allows them to sing the song along with the music that plays from MP3 device or iPod.

15. Kindle Fire



Undoubtedly, Kindle Fire is one of the most incredible 16th birthday gift ideas. Kindle Fire integrates more than 19 million magazines, books, movies, songs and TV shows with famous tablet apps and internet browsing. Your teen will love it 🙂

16. Clothing Gift Card

 16th Birthday Gift Ideas

Let your teen pick out all their favorite clothes by gifting them a gift card from their favorite clothing store. Put a lot of money in it to make them smile wider 🙂


We hope this article helped you pick a gift out for your teen. If you got them something better, let us know in the comments section 🙂


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