Are you looking for easy to make Christmas gifts? Are you searching for Christmas gift ideas for husband, wife, friends – EVERYONE? These 30 ideas of DIY Christmas gifts will make everyone go “Awwww” and brighten up their face (even your dog will love it too).

Who said you can’t have great Christmas presents without saving your money?

These awesome crafty ideas will make you proud of how skilful you are!

1. Mug Brownie Mix

Mug - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Brownies for a cozy Christmas night, why not? Never underestimate the power of chocolate!

Especially, a gift-able jar of mug brownie mix will surely warm your beloved’s heart. There is a printable tag to dress up your gift too – let’s write some sweet words on it.

2. Letter for Santa Pocket Pillow

santa pillow - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Or I would call it “Dear Santa, I want a hug” pillow. Just kidding. If you’re into sewing and stuff, then making a pillow is easy enough and literally it makes your loved one feel warm hugging it.

Plus, this Merry Christmas pillow actually has pocket for you to putting your “Dear Santa” letter in. How cool is that?

3. DIY Rustic Wood Lanterns

rustic lantern - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Crafting is always something fun to do. In this case, playing with the woods and making a wood lantern as a Christmas gift is a good idea. Just imagining about the moment when eating dinner under this rustic lantern light makes me feel so excited.

4. DIY Photo Coaster

photo-coaster-DIY Christmas gift ideas

An album of memories printed out in lovely pictures, plus they roll out like running on an endless coaster – it’s so heartfelt, right?

Christmas is the time for love-showing gestures, so why not create a photo coaster album of your sweetest memories together?

5. Snow Globe Mason Jar Lids

snow globe - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Jar is always an ideal gift on Christmas. Especially a jar with a lovely Snow Man on top, in a snowy globe. Check out this easy-to-make Mason Jar, even you’ll love it from the first look.

6. DIY Mason Jar Night Light

night light jar -DIY Christmas gift ideas

Another breath-takingly beautiful jar (aww, how I love them so much)! The night will become so much more alluring with a sparkling jar in the dark. More importantly, it’s very easy to make one.

(Somebody please make me one night light jar!)

Or, you can alternate this night light jar by a prettier one: a constellation jar that glows in the dark! Find your friend their favorite horoscope sign or constellation and then, just wow them with such a jar.

7. DIY Reusable Rice Heat Packs

heat pack -DIY Christmas gift ideas

When winter comes, it’s cold. It’s so obvious (you don’t say?). A heat pack made from rice (and it’s reusable) will be a heart-warming gift on this cozy occasion. It’s safer to get warm now since your beloved won’t need those dangerous electric warming pack anymore.

Isn’t this a great present to say “I really care for you”?

8. Christmas Scarves

scarf - DIY Christmas gift ideas

I always remember my first time ever making a scarf for my boyfriend. It took me 2 years to finish. It was hard for not-very-skilful person like me and since it was hard, I felt discouraged to continue it.

But you can save much more time in making a scarf with one of the simplest gift ideas for husband (or your friends, anyone you’d love to wrap a scarf around their neck): Christmas scarf tutorial (it won’t took you 2 years to finish like me).

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9. Toasted Almond & Cranberry Bark

cookies - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Baking is fun and the cookies are great gift for anyone. Not to mention that with almond and cranberry bark, your Christmas gift is more delicious than anything. Oh, and it only takes 15 minutes for this special treat.

10. Santa Paws Dog Treat Holder

dog treat - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Are you planning to give your best friend – your dog – a gift on Christmas too? Or does your friend own a dog and you want to make him/her a lovely gift? This is definitely the best gift for them: Santa paws dog treat holder.

Just too cool! Cuteness overloaded!

11. Christmas tree OREO pops

oreo tree - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Another adorable thing to try and make them jaws drop (especially the kids!). And guess what? They are ridiculously easy to make. It’s not a lie.

12. Classic Christmas Sugar Cookies Recipe

cookies- DIY Christmas gift ideas

I admit it, I love cookies. So do you? Cookies are tasty, crunchy and fun to eat. Let’s bring some more cookies to Christmas party and share them with everyone.

13. Christmas Champagne Cocktail Recipe

cocktail - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Ok we have cookies. Now making a bottle of cocktail for everyone should be the next great idea.

Who doesn’t drink on holiday occasion, anyway? (I guess one bottle won’t be enough though).

Learn this champagne cocktail recipe and impress everyone (it takes only 15 minutes).

14. Rootbeer Reindeer

beer - DIY Christmas gift ideas

Since we’re talking about drinking, a classic beer decoration is the next DIY Christmas gift idea. Too adorable to bring to a party as a present, do you think?

15. Trees On Cars DIY Christmas Shadow Box

shadow box - DIY Christmas gift ideas

If snowy globe is something you’ve made for a thousand times, then why not switch to making a shadow box?

A festive Christmas show box will be a creative Christmas gift idea worth trying.

16. Reversible Coffee Cup Sleeves

diy cup sleeve

Do you love those festive Starbucks Christmas cups? Well, if you’re a fan of Christmas cup, then why not spending some time making a coffee cup sleeve for your friends and family?

17. Beautiful Holiday Dioramas

diy diorama

Gorgeous and dead easy to make – these dioramas will definitely a last-minute saver if you’re still having no idea of what cool Christmas present you should make.

18. DIY Easy Christmas Sign

xmas sign

This lovely and easy-to-make Christmas sign is very customizable. Make one and feel proud when your friends and family hang it on their door or place it on their shelf.

19. A Candy Topiary

candy tree

Your little one will definitely get more excited for Christmas with this tree. Just hang on any candy you have. You can customize the tree the way you want too. Just wake your creativity up!

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20. DIY Bunny Slipper

bunny slipper

Get your beloved the warm fuzzies with a pair of slippers. It can either be a classic slipper or a cute one with the bunny ears on it, like the one above.

21. DIY Pokemon Cup

pokemon cup

Is your friend a Pokemon GO addict? The heat from the game might cool down but you can grab this idea to make a lovely Pikachu cup for your loved ones.

22. DIY Rock Cactus Craft 

rock cactus

If you’re not the traditional gift goer who will craft Christmas themed jars, stocking or mug, a cactus pot made from rock will be a refreshing gift idea to try.

Advantage: your friend who receives it won’t have to water the cactus every day.

23. DIY Candy Cane Centerpiece

candy cane

Sweeten the holiday feelings by this adorable candy cane vase. I can’t think of anything as simple yet romantic as this red color.

24. 5-Min DIY Mint Sugar Scrub

sugar scrub

Body care as a present? A big YES. Especially it’s homemade. So special. What’s more? Look at the mint sugar color! It’s so pleasing receiving such thoughtful and awesome gift.

25. Grapefruit Mouse Pad DIY

mouse pad

Spice up the holiday with something fruitful! I bet all the geeky heads out there will love it! Maybe they will even stick to the computer right after receiving it and ignore the Christmas party 🙂 (j/k).

Hope that with the 25 DIY Christmas gift projects above, you’ll have fun preparing your loved ones presents as well as delight their soul on such joyful occasion.

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