With all the spelling assistance that we use today, it is very easy to neglect those simple spelling rules and tips that we learned from school. The invention of spell check and its attachment to text software, email, instant messaging services, and even cell phones provide an escape route from making mistakes.











What Is Spelling? 

Spelling is a fundamental and important part of life because it aids in reading. It also bonds the connection between sounds and letters. Using mnemonic devices such as acronyms ensure that you spell each word right every time. What are mnemonic devices? Mnemonic devices are tools that help in memory and is used in math, biology, and spelling. Never allow modern technology to pirate the important spelling lessons you learned in school.

Based on several reference books, this is the list of the most frequently misspelled words.

  1. Accidentally – to prevent an accident on the field, you need an ally on your team.
  2. Aggression – always remember that the g’s and s’ are so aggressive. They each get two.
  3. Barbarous – repeat the bar twice and add the suffix -ous.
  4. Believe – there is always a lie in belief.
  5. Ceiling – there is no need to be confused. Follow the I after e rule.
  6. Committee – the word has a lot of doubles, two m, two t, and two e.
  7. Disastrous – it comes from the word disaster. Drop the e, move the r and add “ous.”
  8. Discipline – you have to c after the s.
  9. Exceed – all you have to remember for the word is the ending “ceed.”
  10. Extreme – the only thing about this word is the e’s.
  11. Foresee- it means to see something before it happens.
  12. Fundamental – spelling is fun and mental.
  13. Gesture – spell this word without jest. Start it with “g” and end it with “ure”.
  14. Height – h + eight
  15. Hear – you hear with your ear.
  16. Island – an island is a land covered with water on its four sides.
  17. Judgment – remove the “e” in judge and add “ment.”
  18. Knowledge – knowledge is what you know
  19. Lightning – lightning lightens the sky.
  20. Medieval – referring to the middle ages.
  21. Noticeable – the e in the word is very noticeable.
  22. Occur – the C’s in the word are the only letter that occurs twice.
  23. Practice – practice spelling this word with a c.
  24. Queue – the word means in line.
  25. Roommate – just combine the room and mate.

Why Is Spelling Important?

Bad spelling gives others a bad impression of you. If your spelling is poor, the readers will notice that before anything else. If your spelling ability is strong, you do not have to worry about seeing your mistakes. A resume that is poorly written will not get you a job. A person must also know how to spell well to communicate, take notes and directions.

If you are struggling with your spelling, there are many things that can be done to improve it. A spelling software program is said to be one of the most effective ways on how to improve your spelling in a short period. There are a lot of tricky spelling words in the English language. This list of words is the most commonly misspelled words. Most of the misspelled words in English are mistakes made with homonyms.


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What Are Homonyms?

 Homonyms are words that have the same pronunciation but have a different meaning, spelling, and origin. Here are some examples of Homonyms.

  • Words with the same pronunciation with a different meaning. Ex. Bore and boar, two and too.
  • Homographs or words with the same spelling but with a different meaning. Ex. Bow (to bend), bow (a decorative knot).

Major languages on Earth influence English. Spelling boils down to memorization and in the modern age of computers, spell check is an easy fix. Most people who use spell check consider it as a necessity already. The most commonly misspelled words are not pulled from college term papers. Here is another list of the top 20 word that are often misspelled.  The following words are the words that you use in everyday writing.

  1. Their – the confusion may come from thief.
  2. A lot – alot is not a word.
  3. Definitely – an A often sneaks in.
  4. Really – real + ly.
  5. Received – add I after an E.
  6. Separate – the confusion is probably caused by pronunciation.
  7. Truly – true minus e and add ly.
  8. Which – don’t forget the first H.
  9. Until – only one L.
  10. Because – A and U are commonly swapped.
  11. Behavior – U is absent in American spelling.
  12. Bomb – there is a silent B.
  13. Beginning – there are 2 N’s.
  14. Quiet – don’t confuse quiet with quite or quit.
  15. Different – the first E isn’t enunciated.
  16. Calendar – it has an e between the two A’s. The last vowel is A.
  17. Conscience – don’t let this word weigh on your conscience.
  18. Existence – the word has three A’s and one I.
  19. Precede – combine the Latin word pre and the word ceder, which means to go before.
  20. Threshold – there are two H in this word.

People mess with these 20 words because they are relatively difficult to spell.

How To Help Yourself Spell Correctly?

 Prepare a list of the spelling mistakes you make most of the time. Underline the letter or letters you get wrong. You have to learn the correct spelling at heart.

  • If you are writing a new word, always check its spelling before you write it. With a little practice, you can improve your spelling.
  • The most common misspelled words are the words that we use every day. By spell checking your work, you can avoid these mistakes, and your words will be viewed as a more educated, conscientious idea. Nothing is more impressive than a paper without any spelling or grammatical errors.

Other words that you may confuse your spelling with:

  • Their, There, They’re – the first one is possessive, the second is location, and the last is a contraction of they and are.
  • Acquire – a word that you should double check before using.
  • Conscience – misspelling this word will look like you don’t know how to use it in a sentence.
  • Grateful – remember you grate your words when you are grateful.
  • Your, You’re – Read the sentence twice or thrice to check which word serves right – you’re (you are) or your.

Most of us are inclined to spell the same words incorrectly repeatedly. We should identify what those words are so we can give ourselves an opportunity to improve. Finding the correct spelling of the word is difficult if you don’t have the first few letters right. Being able to spell correctly is a fundamental skill. You also have to memorize the spelling rules and exceptions.

It is common for beginners to spell words incorrectly. A teacher, tutor, and parent should emphasize writing and reading skills. Memorizing rules and knowing particular words by sight is one of the best ways to avoid spelling mistakes. Other reasons why words are spelled incorrectly are:

  • The letters are reversing.
  • Not understanding the relationship between letter sounds.
  • There is a confusion regarding chunking, blending, and patterns.
  • Phonetic rules are not applied.
  • Failed to make a connection between spelling and rules in practice.

Regardless of all the tricks and tips on how to check word spellings, there are people who are poor spellers. Learning how to look words in the dictionary and depending on spell check can be very useful.

Spell checkers can discover misspelled words and will suggest alternative spellings. According to a study, a paper written with a spell-checker is only slightly better than a paper written without a spell checker. Never blame a spell-checker for failing to determine a misspelled word in your paper. It is your responsibility. The best thing about spell-checkers is they took away our excuse for bad spelling.

No matter how smart you are, chances are, you can still get wrong. Even if you practice and study, you can be one of the people who have trouble in writing the frequently misspelled words. Our world is composed of different words from different languages, and you can never understand some people’s languages if you do not know it. One of the best ways to communicate with other races all over the world is through the English language. Writing some English words is very confusing if you do not know how to pronounce it or how it is spelled. It is quite difficult to spell words but you will get used to it if you do it often. If you incorrectly spelled the word, it will have no meaning at all. Hence, you should start learning how to spell words correctly NOW!

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