There’s something about strength and talent that’s naturally attractive. Professional athletes spend a great deal of their time on camera, sweaty and glistening, too, which can actually add to the allure in a lot of cases. Ultimately there’s just no denying it, no matter what sport is at hand – from gymnastics to tennis to basketball – athletes are often as hot as they are skilled.

By no means does a list of five encompass the full scope of attractiveness in modern sports. But these five certainly help prove the point.

1. Simone Bilesbest looking athletes

In U.S. gymnastics, Biles may already be the best there ever was. She just landed a triple-double, in fact, setting a record as the first ever to do so in competition. Of course, she’s already dominated the Olympics, taking home three individual gold medals and a bronze at the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro. She also took home a team gold that year. She does it all with a beautiful, infectious smile, and if history repeats itself in 2020, the Tokyo games will see this muscled, attractive gymnast become, definitively, the best of all time.

2. Lindsey Vonn

Sometimes it’s hard to tell when an athlete wears a snowsuit and goggles for competition, but Vonn is breathtaking. Now in her mid-30s, the skier spent years commanding the slopes before her recent retirement. most of her time on the slopes, although she just recently retired. She’s a thoroughly decorated athlete (137 podium finishes), won three Olympic medals, and memorably represented Under Armour – somethings she’ll continue to do now that her career has ended. Vonn has actually done some designing for the apparel company as well, and we hope she’ll do more. Few people make it look as good as she does, so naturally she seems to have an eye for it.

3. Sloane Stephens

best looking athletes

Stephens has the arms and traps you’d expect of a tennis player, but she’s more than muscle. She announced herself as a major competitor by beating Serena Williams at the 2013 Australian Open, and won the U.S. Open singles in 2017. Her career since has been somewhat up and down, though she can still beat the best of them. In fact, at the time of this writing, Stephens is gearing up as one of the players to watch at the 2019 U.S. Open, and the new U.S. sportsbooks online are likely to tab her among the betting favorites. That is to say, she’s likely got some serious winning ahead of her still (regardless of the sportsbooks’ outlook). And that will give all of us the chance to enjoy not only her talent, but her breathtaking natural beauty and athletic physique.

4. Olivier Giroud

Even if you’re not a fan of Chelsea football, or this player’s move over from league rival Arsenal, you almost can’t help but fall for Giroud. Tall but well built, the accomplished striker has tribal tattoos that showcase his already-impressive arms, and hair that most any man would trade for. It’s no wonder that in addition to scoring boatloads of Premier League goals over the years, Giroud has spent time modeling as well. Posing in the nude for a charity calendar in his native France sure didn’t bother him, and he’s done work for Hugo Boss cologne as well. All in all he has to be counted as one of the best-looking athletes alive – and should continue to be in the public eye in the coming years, as he has more goals ahead of him.

5. Ben Simmons

Height rarely hurts, and in the case of this budding Philadelphia 76ers star, it only enhances his gorgeous looks. Ben Simmons stands a sturdy 6’10” and is in terrific shape – and if we’re being honest, his Australian accent doesn’t hurt matters either. Simmons is a fantastic basketball player with a world of potential, having drawn comparisons to legends from Magic Johnson to LeBron James. Without making specific comparisons though, let’s just say few NBA stars have been as talented and as attractive as Simmons. Expect to see him throughout the next NBA season leading a 76ers team that’s expected to compete for a title.


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