Should you be in search of a great year-round getaway, the Cypress Lakes resort located at the centre of the stunning Hunter Valley Wine Country is a great idea. This region in Australia is known for its beautiful treetop scenic spots with panoramic vistas. You can enjoy the vineyard itself by picking grapes or tasting wine. You can also try your hand at playing in the immaculate golf course or opt for a relaxing massage in the spa.

There are certainly many activities to do and events to partake on in this popular tourist spot. With affordable rental properties, you can find a quaint villa that suits your budget. Whether you’re a family of four looking for adventure or honeymooners in search of a romantic interlude, Cypress Lakes has something to offer. Consider these following elements to help you find an excellent vacation rental so you’ll have a truly enjoyable time:

Evaluate Your Unique Circumstances

So you can book the vacation villa you like, you have to evaluate your unique personal situation. You must know what you need and want. How many people are going? This is a major determinant when it comes to booking the villa size and amenities. Take a look at your plans, too. If you intend to enjoy lounging and lazing around your villa, then a hidden treasure in a secluded spot away from the action is your best bet.

However, if you love to be social, you’ll probably meet more people if you stay closer to the water. If you are going with kids, you may need baby proofing and cribs or toddler cots. Ask if pets are allowed. Knowing your personal preferences will help you find an excellent villa. You must coordinate your schedule with your vacation companions so you can book an affordable spot.

Book Your Rental at the Right Time

When it comes to booking an affordable villa in Cypress Lakes resort, you will access great rates if you plan. Book in advance for best results. If possible, plan at least six months ahead. If you plan things too close, the last minute preparation increases the price.

Remember, this area is a popular destination, so there is a great demand for properties. If you go during peak times, the chances of finding an affordable place in a huff are slim to none. Make your money work for you by planning ahead.

Try to Be More Flexible With Your Dates

Going on popular long weekends and holidays could mean prices will be higher. The ‘supply and demand’ law is not working in your favour. When you are more flexible with your dates, this equates to enjoying better promotions and deals. The majority of online booking websites have fare charts that allow you to track prices over a specified period.

Be sure to do this in incognito or invisible mode so your cookies will not save your settings. As a rule of thumb, when websites notice you keep on re-visiting the site, they will jack up the price. When you research via private browsing, you can keep an eye on your ideal dates without inflating the rental rates.

Aim for Balance in Finding the Perfect Rental

Your primary objective in finding a villa rental is to have relaxing accommodation so you can have a great ideal. If you’re like most travellers, you want to save a lot on your rental fees so you can have extra money to enjoy more activities. However, you can’t be too cheap, either. Stingy cheapskates will just find themselves crammed like sardines in an unpleasant space. How can you enjoy that?

When you are looking for a rental, read the fine print, so you’ll know exactly what you’re paying for. Most of all, you must pick a place in Cypress Lakes when you feel safe and secure. Go the extra mile by reading online testimonials and reviews so you can manage your expectations. Life is quite stressful, so you definitely need a break and enjoy a fun-filled vacation!


Steffy Alen is a copywriter and content strategist. She helps businesses stop playing around with content marketing and start seeing the tangible ROI. She loves writing as much as she loves the cake.

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