It has been 30 years, since the mood rings were first invented, but still the popularity once enjoyed by those unique, fun jewelry has never faded away among the children and adults, alike. Even today, thousands of people query the search engines on what do the colors of a mood ring mean, how does the mood ring work .., etc just like you.

As the name suggests, mood ring is a finger jewelry that changes its color according to the emotional state of the wearer. You may have seen them or own one yourself. Whatever the case may be, the facts I am about to share here will keep your interest boosted up. Stay engrossed. 

What Is A Mood Ring And How It Works?



The Mood ring or in general, the mood jewelry, is designed with a heat sensitive stone inside. ‘This stone’ is really made of something called thermotropic liquid crystals. As these crystals have highly heat sensitive molecules, they do respond to the temperature changes by twisting or changing their positions.

So what happens, when you wear a mood ring is that it conducts your body temperature straight from your finger to the stone inside. On sensing different temperatures, these molecules change their structures and it leads to the absorption and reflection of light at different wavelengths. Apparently, when the molecules of liquid crystals change, they change the color of the ring too. The technical term, “Wavelength of light” is just another way of stating “color” in a plain language.

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As our normal body temperature is 82°F (28°C), mood rings are calibrated to show the colors between pleasing green and blue, at this temperature. So when the shades of blue or green appears on a mood ring, it means the wearer is peaceful and relaxed. Black color will appear on a mood ring when it is not worn.

Though the thermotropic liquid crystals contained in the mood ring are what only matter, as with any other jewelry, mood rings also come in both simple and intricate designs. However, regardless of the type of jewelry (Mood ring, mood necklaces) and the metal works, as long as thermotropic crystals are present inside, their functioning will remain the same.

In order to prevent the external elements like dust and water from entering into the mood ring, usually liquid crystals are sealed with a glass or plastic dome. 

Where Did The Idea Of Mood Rings Come From?

In earlier times, before the thermometers were even invented, doctors used strips of liquid crystals for measuring temperature. By combining this idea with a correlation of moods and body temperature, Marwin Wernick, a jewelry designer had started a whole new era of mood rings. Mood rings and all other mood jewelry have started to have a popular fad ever since.

During all these long years, we all have been told about the correlation that exists between our mental (mood) and physical health. It seems obvious and manifestly true in our day to day life. For instance, you will seem brisk, when you are happy and sick when you are upset. These mood changes can be evidently observed from the functioning of mood rings. Developing your knowledge on how do the mood rings work will help you understand the mood ring color interpretations, which we are going to see shortly under what do the colors on a mood ring mean. 

Do Mood Rings Really Work?

It is true that there are some scientific basis behind the functioning of a mood ring. At the same, it is also true that every individual has a unique chemical make-up. So mood jewelry or any mood ring can’t be taken as a reliable source in judging someone’s emotional state. Facts apart, anything that changes its color with a blink of an eye gives a fun experience to anyone who wears it. Hence the craze created by the mood jewelry will remain the same, throughout the centuries.

What Do The Colors Of A Mood Ring Mean?

 Generally, the basic color meanings of a mood ring go hand in hand with the meanings of our common color coding system. So regardless of the jeweler who produce the mood ring, mostly the interpretations will remain the same. However, you might find a little variance in the meanings of subtle tones, which is fairly negligible.

Here is a brief “how to” that explains how the mood rings react to the ups and downs of our emotions.

A person’s normal body temperature when resting is 82°F (28°C) hence liquid crystals are calibrated to reflect a pleasing blue or green at this temperature.

When you are passionate or happy, it makes your skin blush. You may have known this fact, but what happens behind the scenes is really startling. This mood makes your blood flow towards the surface of your skin, which results in temperature increase. Your mood ring responds to this by twisting the crystals to reflect blue.

On the contrary, when you are stressed or excited, it takes the capillaries away from your skin surface and directs it more towards the internal organs causing a drop in temperature. Apparently, it twists the crystals to the other direction and in turn, it reflects more yellow.

Not to mention, the factors like just finishing a heavy workout or a hot bath would also result in temperature changes and these are totally unrelated to your mood. Likewise, the cold weather would make the stone unresponsive. At times, it will reflect either gray or black.

When you remove a mood ring and place it on any surface, unless otherwise the ambient temperature is too high, instantly it would change its color to black.

Cutting the long story short, while the warm temperature implies heated emotions, cool hues indicate something like levelheadedness. However, the modern mood rings are designed to show plenty of subtle tones in between any two basic tones.

Hope I have provided all the contented information on mood rings. Now before wasting your time anymore, let’s enter into your actual query what do the colors of a mood ring mean?

Given below are general guidelines that represent what each color on a mood ring tells about your emotional state.


Black is set to be the default color of a mood ring, when it is not worn. But if it’s shown while you have it on your finger, then it may be an indication of some negativity. It signifies that the wearer is tensed, angst, overworked, harassed or physically under par.

Black   Tensed,angst,Overworked or tired


White indicates, the person is confused, frustrated or feels bit of boredom.


You cannot observe this color on a mood ring so frequently. But when it is shown, it means the wearer is sad, afraid, exhausted or anxious.

Gray   Sad, afraid, anxious, exhausted

Shades of Green

 When the shades of pleasing green appear on the mood ring, it indicates the person is active but relaxed. As we have seen before, liquid crystals are calibrated to reflect green at our normal body temperature i.e., 82°F (28°C). It is considered as the normal reading. So if you are sitting in a quiet place and calmly reading a book, your mood ring is likely to reflect the shades of green.

When your mood ring shows a bluish tint to green, it means the wearer is somewhat relaxed, but his/her inner emotion is stirred up.

Green   Calm, peaceful, Normal reading
Dark Green   Occupied with something but aware of the surroundings
Bright Green   Energetic and wandering
Amber   Mixed emotions, wandering
Blue Green   Relaxed but inner emotions are stirred up

Shades of Blue

Blue is the color of joy and optimism. When the wearer is relaxed, happy or at peace, the gemstone on the mood ring would most likely turn into blue. Generally, the pleasing colors indicate a pleasant vibe.

Pleasing Blue   Happy, relaxed, calm
Dark Blue   Intensified mood, love ,extreme joy , passionate or feeling romantic
Cobalt Blue   Happy, talking from the heart
Deep Teal   Deep thinking, feeling motivated
Aquamarine Blue   Feeling flirty, upbeat


When the mood ring shows purple color, it means the person is sensual but has a mental clarity.

Indigo  Feeling tranquillity, inner balancing, satisfied
Deep purple  Sensual, romantic, passionate
Reddish purple  Desperate, moody, angry
Pink  Calm and feeling relaxed
Bright Pink  Happy, lovable, affectionate

Shades of Red

 In general, red is associated with an emotional state of passion. It remains the same even in the world of mood rings too. It signifies energy, excitement and adventure. When deep burgundy shades (“A dark purplish-red to blackish-red”) appear on a mood ring, it indicates the person is in a romantic mood.

When the gemstone changes with the shades of violet from red to blue or vice versa, it indicates that the wearer is in a sensual mood.

Deep red  Lovable, aroused, passionate
Bright red  Excited, anger, terrified, feeling adventurous
Orange red  Dare devilish, stressed, confused
Dark orange  Worried, tensed, aggressive, aggravated

 Shades of Yellow

 If the color on a mood ring is yellow, it indicates the wearer is imaginative and his thoughts are wandering.

Yellow  Imaginative
Yellow orange  Upset, anxious, confused
Bright yellow  Observing deeply, feeling poetic

Shades of Brown

When the gem stone on a mood ring appears in the shades of brown, it means the person feels jitter and has wandering thoughts.

Brown  Restless,scared,tensed
Brownish yellow  Mixed emotions
Taupe   Aggravated, angst, stressed, confused

Any particular symbol in a dream will not mean the same to everyone. Likewise, the general interpretations of mood ring chart will not be the same to everyone. So the best suggestion I would give will be to develop your own chart.

Watch your moods and watch the color your mood ring turns. Repeat this in your various emotional states. This way you can begin to develop your own version of the color interpretation chart. It could be entirely different from what is given here.

Mood rings are not so expensive. So if you don’t have one yet, do yourself a favor .Purchase the mood ring or mood band or mood necklace at the earliest convenient time or make it on your own. As I don’t want you to miss the fun of testing what do the colors of a mood ring mean. Here I have also given a quick guide on mood ring making. Check it out. 

How To Make A Mood Ring?


They change their color throughout the day based on your moods. They are called mood rings. Generally, these fun and unique pieces of jewelry make a perfect gift item to be presented to kids and teens. When the mood rings are of great quality, it would serve the purpose of trendy fashion accessory too. So why wearing just any ring? Say yes to mood rings!.

When you give out a mood ring as a gift to someone, consider presenting it along with the color interpretation chart so that they know what do the colors of a mood ring mean and appreciate its value.

Making mood rings on your own is easier than you think.

Thinks You Will Need  

  • Liquid Crystal Touchstone or mood stone
  • Ring base
  • Craft glue
  • Decorative Beads
  • Plastic Glue stick

Step 1

Purchase the supplies from your nearest craft store or online. When you purchase the mood stone, check out to see whether it perfectly fits the slot on your ring base. You can also cut the stone into any desired shape (round, oval, square.., ) and size according to your own preferences.

Step 2 

Heat the glue a bit (should be warm) and apply it on the ring base where the mood stone should be placed. Mood stone should be placed on the ring base where it’s supposed to go. Press it firmly for about 3 minutes and let it dry for half an hour.

Step 3 

Ensure the mood stone comes in direct contact with your finger so that it can change the color.

Step 4 

To make it more attractive, you can stick some decorative beads around the stone and the border of the ring base.

To match with the color changes, use the beads that are green, blue , yellow or purple, which will enhance the look and add elegance to your jewelry. 

The Bottom Line

Whenever the colors that imply some negative aspects appear on your mood ring, be sure to tune yourself towards the positive vibe. Cheer yourself and stay happy. Calibrate your ring to reflect blue and show the entire world how cool you are. Share your mood ring chart with us and let us know what do the colors of a mood ring mean to you.

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