If you are going to have your first date pretty soon, you must be excited about what to wear on a first date. No matter whether you will turn this date into relationship or not, there is no other memory that can compete with the memories of first date. You are going to remember it to the rest of your live. . So present yourself at your best and make the memory even more beautiful.

One of the easiest ways through which you can make your appearance and style is through the clothing. Whatever you wear that should fits your body. Often people fails to make the first impression by breaking this rule. You don’t want to make such mistakes. This is a common rule for both men and women. Now go through some do’s and don’t regarding your first date outfit.

What To Wear On A First Date?

what to wear on a first date

Wear Something Unusual But Not Something Weird

Since you are going to have your first date, wearing the same old jeans and t-shirt is not a very good idea. Put on a cloth that is something not people every day see on yourself. It should fit perfectly on you and you should feel comfortable with that. Rehearsal with a dress and make sure you feel confident with that dress. Remember the stunning look of Emma Watson at that yuleball event? You can choose the casual outfits that show you gorgeous.

For Women

The dress you are going wear should match the place of where you are going to have your date.

  • Before you deciding on your outfit, decide whether it’s a fancy date or a casual date. In case, if you meet him at a restaurant, try to know the dress code of that particular restaurant.
  • If it’s fancy date, ensure you are not either over dress or under dressed. Mostly paring white or black dress with a nice pair of shoes and necklace will do.
  • If you are going on a date for a coffee shop or to some theme park or some other casual spots, go with a normal outfit like Jeans and T-shirt. If you want to have a fancy style, casual date prefer fancy skirts.
  • If you are going with a cocktail hour, go short. But double check that you feel comfortable. If high heels are something new to new, get used to it, if you can’t walk comfortably, better you can avoid that one.

For Men

When it comes to men, women will certainly expect men to wear a dress that reflects his sense and personality. But don’t go overboard like cow boy boots. Dressing simple and classic would do the magic.

If you are going on casual date like for movies or coffee shop, you can pair your best jean with a best T-shirt. You can also give a try with a nice pair of slacks.

Dark purple, maroon, cobalt blue, emerald green any color that is in jewel tone color will serve best to your shirts.

If its fancy date, dress little more than usual. Try to wear black or charcoal slacks. Vest are often reported as the best option by the dating experts. If wearing tie and Jacket is mandatory in the restaurant you check in, wear that otherwise, you can simply ignore these accessories.

Preferably choose the clean sneakers. If black or dark brown shoes suit your attire, you can also choose any one of these.

2.Go With A Suitable New Style

If you want to present some new version of yourself, present it only if you can create a more pleasant appearance. Trying the unsuitable new trends and new styles will be a big turn off.

3.Avoid The Embarrassing Mistakes

The dress you wear especially on some important days, like your first date can tell more than what your mouth can say about yourself. As it’s your first date, don’t wear anything that shows you less attractive.

  • Wearing something that shows you like an FBI agent or a joker should be avoided. Avoid even wearing the Joke T-shirts.
  • Khakis are perfectly fine for your regular use but certainly not for your first date.
  • Prefer sandals over flip flops because they are too casual and it may create a negative impact.

4.Highlight Your Special Features

You already know the importance of creating first impressions so high light your best features to your date. Not just the physical ones but also your other best features too like nice dressing sense, makeup sense etc.

For Women

Wearing the short cloth around your waist will make you feel uncomfortable and it will create an appearance like digging into your skin.

If you think your beautiful legs worth to be show off, wear a short skirt and a top that do not draw less attraction.

You light colors to highlight and dark colors to conceal.

Always wear an outfit as such it reveals your body shape (If you have good one)

For Men

Don’t wear the tight outfits. It’s a big turn off and can ruin your whole date.

Wear an outfit that fits your body.

Wear an outfit that matches with your skin tone. If your eye color is brown or hazel go with maroon or half white.

If your eye color is green or blue, going with cool dark colors like navy blue or grey would do.

5.Never Forget The Hygiene

Try to look clean, fresh and energized. These features will create a pleasant atmosphere over all.

6.Pick A Non Offensive, Mood Enhancing Scent

When it comes to making memories, scents do have their own special spot. The scent that emerge from you can talk about your personality. Choose the perfect perfume to wear on your date.

I hope now you have idea on what to wear on a first date. Remember these tips and dress accordingly.

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