When a dog licks, we can assume it as a symbol of love. But what about the cats? Unlike dogs, cats are not so expressive in showing affection. If a cat licks you, apart from love, it means few other things too. Let me explain you all possible reasons and unlock your query why does my cat lick me. Read on.

why does my cat lick me so much

Why Does My Cat Lick Me So Much?

1.She Keeps You In Her Good Books

Just as we humans, there exist a wide range of personalities in cats too. To show their affection, some prefer to being close, Some prefer to sit on laps, and some prefer to accompany you while you are working. Regardless of which personality makes up your car, if it licks you it means you are in her good books. She remembers how her mommy nurtured her and gave her cleanings. As she likes you as her family, she nurtures you in one of the best ways she knows.

As pet animals can harbor many microorganisms in their mouth, just ensure you don’t allow her to give a to give a tongue wash on your face. When she tries to do so, redirect her to other parts of your body or distract her by throwing the objects like catnip toy or paper balls.

2. She Is In Pain

Many animals use licking as a part of pain management. When your cat exhibits such weird habit, take a closer look. If its pain management, she may lick herself or lick you but in an excessive manner.

  • Ensure your cat has any visible wounds like skin irritation, Insect Bites, Infections or Fleas. Sometimes, she may have invisible wounds too.
  • Check your cat’s paws and claws. When her claws are not cared properly, chances are, they will grow into their paw pads. Just imagine how painful it is. To soothe itself, your cat may start to expose the excessive licking.

If you are not able to figure out the reason behind this behavior, call up your veterinarian. Finding its illness at early stages is the best care you can give to your lovable pet.

3. She Needs Bonding

Experts say kittens should be kept with her mom at least up to 2 to 3 months. If they are orphaned in any less than seven weeks, they will likely to develop excessive licking/sulking in their adolescent.

You may have seen the mother cat, and her kittens are continuously licking each other as a sign of showing affection. When they lick each other, it means, “Hey, I Like You”. So when a cat shows excessive licking, it may means she misses her mom. I don’t say you to lick her back, but I suggest you to do the things she like and comfort her like a mother. All she wants now is, BONDING

5.She Undergoes Stress

Not only people but also our pets are easily offended by Stress. If your cat is licking excessively, instead of asking yourself, why does my cat lick me so much, think what could be the recent change that have possibly induced a stress on her. It might be something like.

  • A move
  • Adoption of new pet
  • Houseful of new people

However, some stressful situation will resolve over the time. For example, if “Your shift to a new place” is the reason, it would automatically go off when your pet gets familiar with her surroundings. If “Houseful of people” is the reason, your cat will stop licking when they leave your house. If their stay is not that inevitable, you can use this as an excuse to kick them out.

5.It’s Her Own Way Of Territory Marking

Why do you think the mother cat always licks her kittens during her early age even when you try to touch them. You are right. By licking her kittens, people and things she loves, she establishes a territory especially in front of interlopers. If she licks you excessively in front of someone, it means she is passing a message to that trespasser saying ” You Are ALL HER’s, So Stay Away.”

What If You Want Your Cat Stop Licking You?

When your cat likes you and claims you as its own, it will feel like awesome. But when its lick you forever, you might feel it unpleasant. Do not punish her at any cause. She exhibits a compulsive licking! Use a little spritz of water or just move away. It will show her that you don’t appreciate her behavior. She will understand it. If you she is keep doing it, instead of breaking your head in analyzing the cause for, why does my cat lick me this way, fix an appointment with the vet. It won’t hurt her. Instead, it will help her resolving the problem as early as possible.

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