There can be no dog owner who hasn’t experienced the affectionate licks from his pet. As an owner of Italian grayhound and a pug, I have enjoyed those lovely licks but to be frank, I am not a big fan of a dog licking especially on my face. Since it’s the most common form of showing affection, I haven’t thought much on why does my dog lick me until one day when I felt my bug was doing it excessively. But then I heard the possible reasons from our veterinarian. Go through the causes. Some of them are actually unexpected.

Why Do Dogs Lick?

Dogs licks themselves, they lick the air, and they lick everything. Why is it so? Because, this is how they communicate with their mommy right from their day 1. This is how their mother stimulated them to breath and how she cleaned when they were puppies. So licking turns out to be one of their important behavior for survival.

Why Does My Dog Lick Me So Much?

why does my dog lick me

You Taste Good

When your dog licks its bowl or licks the floor after an unexpected spill, you might quickly conclude that it likes the taste of the food. Have you ever thought that your dog licks you because you taste good? Dogs   like the natural salty taste of the human skin.

He Misses Something

Dogs use their licking language to communicate with each other. It communicates all sorts of messages from “Hey, I like you to I am hungry to Let’s play” using the “Lick Language”. Just as among the other dogs, it licks humans too. But we, the poor humans do not understand the message it passes on through Licking. However, from the experiences I have gained when analyzing why does my dog lick me so much, it’s a way of passing the message telling you that something is missing.

If you feel that your dog licks you intensely, look around. It may mean that your dog’s bowl is empty, its door is closed, or it needs some food and alike.

He Expresses His Love On You

It is the most common reason for why do dogs lick people. By licking people, it tries to create a bond like the one it had with its mommy. Your dog will love you so much no matter what. When he see u coming back to your home, after a while or few weeks, it will show its excitement by giving you the excessive licks.

However, you can control this communication with the proper training from its puppy stage. But it’s up to you. If you want to receive a polite greeting from your pet, you can control this behavior. With a proper training.

When the puppy or a dog starts to lick you on the face as a symbol of affection, and you think it as an unpleasant habit, just ignore its lick and walk into the another room. Repeat this whenever it starts to lick. Soon he will understand that his licking will make you move away, certainly it is not what he want.

He Seeks Your Attention

Dogs are playful in nature. If a dog starts to lick you especially when you are crowded with so many other people, it might mean, he seeks your attention. It’s his way of passing you the message ” Hey, I m here, play with me and pet me”.

Why do dogs lick themselves and everything?

It’s Comforting

The habit of licking releases the pleasurable endorphins in its brain. It gives the feeling of pleasure and comfort as like how we feel with nail biting. To make it short, the act of biting helps in relieving the stress.


Our dogs are so concerned with cleaning. Why do you think they constantly lick themselves when they are at rest. Their mother already taught her on hygiene when they were a pup. Licking to clean itself is okay but when it goes excessively, understand it’s time to pay some attention.


Salvia of dog has the capability to destroy bacteria. If your dog exhibits its licking act more often, check out whether he has any wound. He will want to get rid of the dead skin tissues from his injury with his licking treatment. Anyhow, if he does it excessively, he may end up worsening the wound if he had any. If he has any wound, taking him to veterinarian will ends this issue.

Another Sensory Tool

Sometimes dogs use licking as another sensory tool. Researchers say that they use their tongue to explore the things around. They taste by licking, and it is like how we touch and sends the things in our surroundings.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Besides to the reasons you have just learned, sometimes it is also possible to see your dog licking continuously themselves or some other object. Few times a day is okay. But if it’s continuous, it might be the sign of some serious behavioral issues. When you suspect that your dog is licking so much, report the problem to your vet or veterinary behaviorist immediately.

Have I missed any important cause that you suspect is possible? If so, please leave your comment in the comment section. It would help us to give you the contented information for the query, why does my dog lick me so much.

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