This question is often discussed in the pet forums across the Internet. Though sometimes dog owners think this behavior as the way of getting kisses from the air, there are many more serious reasons behind.

Why Does My Dog Lick The Air?

why does my dog lick the air

There Is Something Wrong With His Mouth

One of the main reasons behind your dog’s air licking behavior is that, he has got something between his teeth and gums or something got stuck in his upper mouth.

Examine your dog’s mouth and see whether you can find anything that possibly make him lick.

He May Has Nausea

Your dog may feel like vomiting. Did he eat anything that could disturb his stomach? Have you seen him eating grass? Did he act like, he needs to throw up? It means he has the symptoms of nausea.

He May Has Obsessive Disorder

The obsessive air licking behavior in dogs is sometimes seen as the most common behavior among the dogs. You don’t need to worry about it. As like human beings, dogs can also get psychological issues.

He May Has Acid Reflux

My research on why does my dog lick the air has also found that dogs that are suffering from excessive air licking, possibly develop an acid reflux. Just like humans, dogs are given Pepcid and changed to a bland diet as well.

How To Stop Your Dog From Licking The Air?

As I stated before, Air licking is the most common behavior in the world of dogs. However, when it goes excessively, do not take a route of punishment based training. It will not resolve any issue. Instead, instruct him to do something else. When it does not seem to work, it is suggested to get a professional help.


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